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Stay right by the sea in Sicily's greenest area

Sicily is an island that offers much contrast. Most travellers envision a dry landscape and unbearable heat, until they get to the Nebrodi Mountains and find that Sicily can be just the opposite.
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The 86,000 hectares of land that the park covers makes this the largest nature park on the Island. The land features large lakes, streams and small rivers, green hills with evergreen trees and a naturally cool climate with a freshness at night and summer heat in the daytime.

Lush and beautiful surroundings

Here you will find olive groves on most slopes, and the higher you go the more you will see nut trees and chestnut trees. The area down by the water is marked by orange groves, which almost grow wild and are left to their own devices to grow since the area is naturally moist.

You will find that within not too many kilometres you can go from the beautiful beaches on the north coast to the high peaks that reach up to over 1800 metres above sea level (Monte Soro) or the peak Rocche del Crasto by Alcara Li Fusi, where the vultures and eagles soar around the peaks.

In the forests of the park, it is not uncommon to encounter foxes, porcupines, skunks, horses, black pigs (he specific nature of Nebrodi's black pig is a species that is highly appreciated in cooking art) and deer. The Greek word for deer is nebros which influenced the name for the park - Nebrodi.

Pleasant climate even in summer

When you visit the area in summer, you will find that the pleasant climate makes air conditioning often unnecessary, especially if you choose to stay on the slopes facing the sea. Imagine that in Nebrodi there are forests of Yew trees which are a relic of the Ice Age (yew forests are otherwise typical of the Scandinavian forests). Depending on the season it is possible that in the same place you can collect chestnuts in Autumn, you will find edible bananas or avocados at Easter, and then you will find a myriad of vegetables throughout the summer.

Many small towns of very different origins

There are no major cities as such in the Nebrodi mountains as such, rather the largest towns such as Capo d'Orlando and Patti each have a population of approx. 15,000 inhabitants, which is nothing compared to the big cities of Palermo and Catania. However, there is a very varied architecture in the mountain towns behind the coast, where the nobles from Palermo in their time hid from the worst summer heat, before air conditioning was invented. You will find the towns such as Naso and San Piero Patti have an Arab flavour which is quite different from medieval Ficarra or the French colony of San Fratello, where Old French is still spoken to this day. If you are interested in antiquity, you will find a fine Greek theatre and the ruins of a Roman basilica at Tindari (there are also a few minor Roman villas , but from what we have seen, they are not really worth visiting unless you really have a passion for this kind of history.


If you are seeking an active holiday, you will find many opportunities for walking in the countryside where you can appreciate some fabulous views of the Aeolian Islands which rise from the sea on the horizon - and you can also visit them from the shore and get a taste of them for your next holiday perhaps. Other excursions which you can easily reach when you stay in the Nebrodi mountains includes the Etna volcano and the black city of Randazzo towards Catania and the medieval seaside town of Cefalu towards Palermo.

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