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At many of our locations, we offer free cancellation of bookings up to 30 days before arrival, but it varies from place to place. The specific details of how it relates to your chosen holiday accommodation are outlined on the on the presentation page of that particular accommodation. A few places offer no free cancellation option, whilst others have the option to cancel without incurring charges right up until a few days before arrival.

Why do we ask for a deposit and the full balance before the cancellation deadline?

This is to ensure that our customers have a serious interest in the booking that they have made. We can only offer attractive terms for cancellation because our partners in Italy know that our customers are serious about their booking, and that they will only cancel in the event that something major happens.

In other words, we think that it is unfair to reserve our partners accommodation in advance when a customer has no intention of honouring the booking. Thus allowing the opportunity for serious customers to obtain genuine reservations.

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