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The town of Barrea is in the middle of Abruzzo National Park and looks out over the lake Lago di Barrea from its panoramic terraces. The lake is artificial and was excavated in 1951. At one end is a vast lowland, while at the other end of the city Barrea built a dam to keep track of the 122 km long river Sangro which runs through the national park.

The city's location in the mountains has ensured that the area remains less industrial and unspoilt. The same applies in the sister cities of Civitella Alfedana and Villetta Barrea, also located next to the lake Lago di Barrea. Here in the Abruzzi highlands you can feel the fresh sun-soaked summer air.

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The area has lots of charm and wildlife: the mountains are home to both wolves and bears, although they rarely stray down to the cities. To see more species in their natural habitat, we recommend you visit the nature reserve Licco Paste and Feudo Intramonti, just a few kilometres from Barrea. From here there are excellent views of the lake. There is also an excellent lake-beach at Lago di Barrea.

Like in many villages in Abruzzo, Barrea holds a number of religious festivals, such Indulgenza Plenaria on the 2nd August, when many pilgrims come to the city to ask for absolution or La Passione Vivente in March / April, when Christs last hours are reconstructed when the locals dress in costumes and parade through the villages.

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