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Northern Italy is a classic favorite destination for trekkers from northern countries. One of the reasons is that the area is easily accessible. You arrive at your holiday location in northern Italy after a relatively manageable drive in your own car, or a few hours by plane. In addition, Northern Italy is famous worldwide for both its natural beauty and cultural wealth. The possibilities for an unforgettable holiday seem endless, no matter what kind of holiday you would like. The climate is pleasant most of the year, very sunny in summer, often with a nice refreshing breeze from the mountains.

Imagine yourself walking through a Tuscan vineyard

When you like to book your holiday to northern Italy, it is obviously important that you reflect on what is important for you, to get out of your trip. If you wish a break from the every day stress, at a place where you can completely relax in a rural setting, a holiday at an agriturismo could be a good option. Agriturismo means farmhouses often more focussed on the authentic experience in comfort rather than luxury. It implies tranquility, peace, ample space and natural surroundings around you and of course delicious food based on tasty, locally produced and grown ingredients.

The definition of a Agrituismo, according to Italian law, is that it ought to produce anything from food.
A typical agriturismo in northern Italy Could be for example in the middle of a vineyard in Tuscany, or it could be a country house in Piedmont, where they produce(d) nuts and jam. There are almost infinite possibilities. Some agriturismo'er keeps farm animals, which often can be to great enthusiasm for the kids, if you travel as a family. In Tuscany you often find agriturismo's with olive groves around the site.

H3> An authentic mode of travel for the whole family, with respect for local culture and nature

The agriturismo is a good option for a holiday with the whole family. Kids love to watch the rural life on a farm and have plenty of room to play without being bothered by traffic. Adults will usually appreciate the beautiful surroundings, good food and, on the whole as an authentic and more personal experience. It is not like a traditional holiday where you might live in a large hotel that feels a little anonymous.

On an agriturismo guests are often learn about the old traditional methods of labour. Many of the sites are family run, giving them a very deep commitment to give you a positive experience. Most agriturismo owners are very attentive to offer a holiday, where respect for local nature and culture are paramount. Holiday at an agriturismo in nord Italy, is a holiday with heart and soul, while in most places you will have every imaginable form of modern comfort available.

In-Italia has good parterships with many excellent agriturismo's spread out over larger parts of northern Italy. At many of them you can stay in your own apartment with kitchen. Most have pool, as well as a children's pool.

Northern Italy and Agriturismo's

Particularly good opportunities to choose an agriturismo as a holiday spot, when traveling with In-Italia, is in these northern regions:

>>> Agriturismo in Tuscany
>>> Agriturismo in Piedmont
>>> Agriturismo in Liguria
>>> Agriturismo in Umbria

If you are interested in rich architecture and art, you will feel like a fish in water in the northern Italian cities. From here facilitating you a large and modern European culture as we know it. It brings you the historical cultural cities such as Florence, Venice, Genoa, Milan, Pisa, Siena and Verona still clearly influenced by. There are not many areas in the world that has to much impressive concentrations of beautiful and interesting cities, filled with cultural, architectural and artistic treasures from the Renaissance, medieval and even earlier times.

Several of the agriturismo's, In-Italia has the pleasure to work with, are located at manageable distance to one or more of the major northern Italian cities. Most are surrounded by small towns, which can be both interesting, picturesque and cozy. Nearly every town has an interesting history to tell you. To explore the countryside and the cities near your agriturismo is a great pleasure, when you are on holiday in northern Italy.

Agriturismo in northern Italy mostly between mountains, beaches and vineyards

In addition to the cultural and historical heritage, lures northern Italy with her stunning and varied countryside that you rarely find. Piedmont's snow-white mountain peaks, deep forests and cool lakes, Liguria steep cliffs, wild flowers and wide sandy beaches, Tuscany's undulating vineyards and Umbria's rolling hills. Almost regardless of what kind of environment you prefer, you could find them in Northern Italy. Nature (and agriculture) is of course not only pleasing to the eye, it also invites to the active holiday with eg hiking, cycling, sports, and so on.

If you want tips to tailor your holiday at an agriturismo in northern Italy, you are always more than welcome to contact us at In-Italia. Or use the search engine at the top to find the right.

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