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The town of Venosa has a long and fascinating history, and several interesting sights remain today. Among these one can not ignore the Aragonese castle from 1470 with its four massive towers. The castle now houses Venosa's National Museum with ancient relics from Roman times until the ninth century AD.

The city was said to be founded by the Greek hero Diomedes and later became a Roman colony. It is said that the poet Horace was born in Venosa in the year 65 BC and there is in-fact a statue of him in the city, and you can also visit his home (only a spartan setting of some furniture).

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There is an interesting 9th Century AD Church of Santa Trinita which is the cities pride, also an amphitheatre, a beautiful and relatively simple (for ornaments) Cathedral, and various other churches and historic buildings.

Every year around the middle / end of September there are several day long harvest festivals in the city with entertainment and food tasting - tourists are welcome to take part in the festivities.

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