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A joy for nature lovers

It is primarily known as a seaside resort, known for its dramatic cliffs and its breathtaking views and its crystal clear waters. There are no sight seeing attractions in Capo Vaticano as such, except for its beautiful natural wonders. The area boasts exceptional untouched beauty with its massive rock formations and its many small bays and isolated beaches. Several bays can only be reached by sea and many remain totally secluded. The clear blue waters surrounding make it a beautiful place to visit.

Swim and dive with the marine life

The sea that surrounds Capo Vaticano is known for its amazing variety of sea creatures and its numerous types of fish, making it a perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. In only seven kilometres that surround the Cape, there are several different shades of water that range from dark blue to pure turquoise. There are several shops and restaurants as well as discotheques, but the place is unquestionably more suited to families than to young energetic teenagers.

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A holy place

The famous Venetian writer Giuseppe Berto made Capo Vaticano his home, after travelling throughout the Italy. "Capo Vaticano", he wrote, "is called Vatican as a Roman hill: once priests and fortune tellers searched for the future basing their predictions on birds' flights. 200 metres over the Cape there is a rock called Mantineo and in ancient Greek it means: to communicate with God. The Cape was a holy place and now it is the same".

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