Gerace, Calabria Gerace Cathedral

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The cathedral in Gerace is among the most important buildings in southern Italy. Its profile dominates the town. The cathedral was consecrated in 1045 and is 76 metres in length and 26 metres wide. Its ground plan is a Latin cross and it rests on the foundations of an earlier building – possibly from the Basilan monastic order.

It is divided into three aisles with impressive columns, which come from various Greek and Roman temples and villas which were found in the area. All the columns are different to symbolise that the cathedral and Gerace parish were the most important in the area and could unify the area and its population.

Its structure is Romanesque in its simplicity and purity. However, it is easy to find the Norman traces which decorate the lines with elegance and power. The cathedral’s altars show signs of Baroque style.

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