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Most popular cities on Amalfi Coast

All cities on Amalfi Coast

Along this very special 50 km stretch of road, you can stop off at one gem of a town after another, with spectacular views along the way. Visit Amalfi town itself, Positano, Vietri sul Mare, Minori, Cetera and more. Each have their own charm and wonderful sea views. The roads are slow and windy but the views along the way make it worthwhile. You can even take advatage of the great SITA public bus service instead of driving, and we also recommend sailing along the coastline.

Enjoy the warm climate

The breathtaking scenery is not the only reason why you should visit the Amalfi coast. This is also the region of Italy that maintains the warmest temperatures throughout the year. Indeed, with its southern exposure and the Lattari Mountains protecting it from the cold winds on the north side, it is the warmest place to be during the winter. You can therefore visit the Amalfi Coast all year round.

The scenery & beaches on the Amalfi Coast

You can enjoy endless stunning scenery and evocative towns, even on foot if you follow the myriad of paths and stairways that connect the many small mountain towns. It is known for its cosy small bays rather than wide sandy beaches, however, if you have small children and a desire for a beach holiday along the Amalfi Coast, then Maiori is the town with the coast's longest beach. Maiori lies flat on the same level as the water. Otherwise, there are many small interesting coves along the coast, which can only be reached by boat, or by the many stairs leading down from the coast road.

Excellent hiking Routes on the Amalfi Coast

The route "sentieri degli Dei", the path of the gods passes between the towns of Aregola and Positano. The roads are steep and the view is fabulous and there are a number of great places to stop along the way to take in the scenery. There are very few houses along this route which adds to the rural nature of it, and, in the spring the colours are vivid and varied. In autumn, you will come across many farmers picking the mushrooms and various berries. The colour of the sea that provides the constant backdrop to your journey varies between azure blue to dark blue depending on the intensity of the sun. If you climb the cliffs, you will experience even more breathtaking views and to do this you will need practical footwear and good health. You can fill your bottles from a natural water source along the way.

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Amalfi Coast on UNESCO's World Heritage list

Maiori is in-fact the only town on the Amalfi coast not to have been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a modern town which was completely rebuilt during the 1960's after a devastating flood in 1954. The nearby town of Minori also has a long beach, though not comparable to that of Maiori. The smaller town of Minori has fewer hotels and tourists in general than that of Maiori. Minori has a very special advantage - namely a famous pastry shop located next to the harbour promenade where you can buy some of Italy's best cakes! Try for example their Delizia al Limone, which is based on the local lemons.

Try the world famous lemon liqueur

A very famous specialty of the region is Limoncello, a lemon liqueur produced in various regions of southern Italy and some of the north. The original recipe comes from Minori where you will find many small local production of this very sweet and refreshing drink, served cold. Enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the sea, this is a real treat. However, there are many variations, orange, mandarin and other fruits. Different production techniques are used depending on where you buy your bottle. You can also learn more about the method of making Limoncello and even assist in its production.

Fish in picturesque Cetara

If you like fish, you will enjoy a detour through the town of Cetara, which has the distinction of having the largest tuna fishing operation in the Mediterranean. Anchovy is also a very popular specialty of the town, often served in a very salty but tasty juice called coloratura. It is served in most restaurants and stores very well in the winter. It goes well with pasta, tomatoes in season or with Bruschetta bread.

Arts and Crafts

The Amalfi Coast is also known for its handicrafts, such as the Amalfi paper or Vietri ceramics. You can visit the museum of paper, a truly unique experience. Indeed, the 14 paper mills in the valley of the mills (Valle dei Mulini Italian) were located in the centre of Amalfi. One is still active but unfortunately cannot be visited. The museum is located in an old factory, where you can see the old machines that still work, and the methods of production of this special paper, called Bambagina. On the first floor of the museum is a collection of photographs and documents that tell the history of this craft.

Try the local delicacies

Once you have checked-in to your hotel or apartment, you can start exploring and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere and taste some of the specialties. Each town offers a good collection of eateries, in which seafood and fish is often the speciality, though of course there are many places serving meat, pizza in Italian specialities in general. Other than that, we recommend that you try the authentic Mozzarella from Campania which is made from buffalo milk and has a totally different flavour to other mozzarella. It is made by hand and is a true taste sensation. It is delicious eaten alone or with salad and capers, sun-ripened tomatoes and basil, with fresh baked bread and a rustic local red wine


The highlands and recreation

When you leave the Amalfi coast and head towards Naples, you will pass the Lattari, the "Milky Mountains" named in reference to the numerous herds of goats that lived in the mountains. The area is also famous for producing goat cheese. Herds of goats are still present but to a lesser extent these days. It is however not uncommon to see a flock of shepherds in the mountains. The highlight Lattari, called San Michele, peaks at 1444m altitude. If you come by car from Naples, you will cross the Valico di Chiunzi, a mountain pass whose route is only recommended if you enjoy difficult mountain driving. Moreover, it is not the fastest way to reach the coast, at least if you want to visit Ravello. However, if you venture alone in the mountains, we strongly recommend that you have provisions (water, food) and have a satellite phone. In addition, let your hotel know where you are planning to drive.

Book your holiday accommodation on the Amalfi Coast

You can choose from our handpicked collection of holiday accommodation including vacation rental apartments, villas, hotels and B & Bs in the best places on the Amalfi coast and in Campania in general. You can search using the search machine above, or feel free to ask for our advice - we have Italy travel experts waiting to help you. Just email us using the contact link at top of the page, use the chat option to the left, or call us on the number to the right.

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