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Small town, but ...

Pozzano is a small community, which is part of the Castellammare di Stabbia municipality. The small village does not count more than 250 inhabitants, though in the summer, it is becomes busy with tourists, who choose to stop along this coastline to sunbathe and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

Ponzia family

The name derives from an ancient Roman family Ponzia, which owned the entire ridge. In times of the Ponzia family, there was a temple dedicated to Diana. Relics still remains as in a column. The small town had very limited development, when they found a painting of our lady (Diana), a church was built to protect it.


Near Pozzano you find one of the train stations to circumvesuviana, urban trains between Naples and Sorrento. Pozzano station is in a tunnel along the coast and kept open only from mid-June to mid-September, when there is most life in town.

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