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Most popular areas on the Capri, Ischia and Procida

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Ischia Porto

Ischia Porto is the biggest town on the island and is home to the harbour where the ferries dock. The town has given its name to the whole island and is connected to Ischia Ponte, the old coastal town with the magnificent castle.

Most of the island hotels are found in Ischia Porto, which also has most of the popular shopping streets like Via Roma and Corso V. Colonna. Discos, nightclubs, restaurants and the traditional tavernas and wine bars are also found here. Another major city is Forio d'Ischia, which houses a cosy city centre and seafront promenade.

Try the natural hot springs

Ischia is also very well known for its many healing springs (terme), some of which reach a temperature of over 40 degrees (!) heated by the volcanic underground heat. "The termes" are located in beautiful park-like areas where you can buy an all-day ticket and go from bath to bath. Some of these areas also have access to a regular beach so you can alternate between the fresh salt water and the heat and the reportedly curative springs.

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On Procida you lose all sense of time amongst the ancient sea legends, the scent from the lemon trees and the seagulls in the air. The lighthouse on the island with its continuous activity contributes to the fairytale atmosphere on the island…

Although tourism has grown during recent years, Procida still retains the typical sleepy and laid back southern Italian attitude to life. It is the most authentic of the three islands on the Campania coast and is easily reached from Naples via boat.

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