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Here there is ample opportunity to buy the famous ceramic art from one of the many pottery shops to be found in the streets.

Also worth visiting

Other interesting places to visit in the town include the La Cattedrale, which is one of the highest renaissance cathedrals in Emilia-Romagna, Palazzo Milzetti, the most important neoclassical palace in the region, Il Teatro Masini one of the most beautiful theatres in Italy. Also visit the botanical garden or park Parco Bucci with a large number of bird species, small lakes with lots of fish and of course an abundance of flowers and plants.

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Ceramics museum

The town's Roman history is rich and it was recognized as an art city during the Renaissance due its ceramic produce. There is ample opportunity to purchase the art from one of the many pottery shops in the streets of the town., and visit the town's ceramics museum. As you wander around the streets, you will find many places where you can sit at a cafe, restaurants for lunch and dinner, pizzerias, bars, and ice cream parlours.

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