Farm holidays in Italy

Farm holidays in Italy
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As our travelers are getting better and better accustomed to what they expect of a journey, we are experiencing an increasing demand for slightly different holidays. Nowadays many have stopped looking at the traditional vacation at a great resorts on the beach. Instead they are looking for more authenticity and like to get closer to the locals. They want to experience a combination of relaxation and visiting cultural and natural sites. This can be complemented with wine tasting, hiking, cooking classes, horse riding, farm animals and local agriculture.

A farm in beautiful surroundings

Many of us wish to relax completely when they are on holiday. They feel that this is more easy to experience this outside the cities than in the large established resorts.
Finally, it is always deliberate choice, as long as the whole family is happy and satisfied on a holiday. Is mostly the norm applies. That the children, can have as much fun as their parents with decent facilities or at least a child friendly surrounding. There are many options. Of course, the agriturismo's do not offer the mini clubs and kids clubs, or as much children facilities as the larger resort, however many children like to be outdoors and play around in the nature.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Could a farm or agriturismo holiday in Italy be something for you? Agriturismo, which loosely translated means farmhouse , is a phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular in recent years. The traditional setting, scenery and tranquility complemented by the varied agricultural country, makes Italy is a loved holiday destination.

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Vineyards, pool, romance and nature

A Holiday on a farm in Italy can contain many things. The whole family can, for example romp on a vineyard in Tuscany, and swim in the pool overlooking the rolling, lush vineyards. Or take off on a romantic setting of an agriturismo with sea views in beautiful Liguria.
Travelling far south to Sicily to spend a holiday on a farm in the middle of a mountainous nature reserve is also a very attractive option.

The above are just examples for inspiration. You can find agriturismo's suitable for family holidays in Italy, the same way as you can find agriturismo's with romantic atmosphere in all Italian regions. If you want good suggestions or help to tailor your vacation on an Italian farm, you can always contact our staff, we know the local conditions in detail. On a farm in Italy you can stay in your own apartment or room and the kids can play with the animals.

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The criteria for a resort te be called an agriturismo, basically means a form of food or wine must be (produced) on site. This broad definition suggests that you really have a wide choice if you want to go to an Italian farm. Some agriturismo's have farm animals, and often are of great pleasure for the children. Others produce wine or olive oil.

Some agriturismo's are in comfortable walking or driving distance to the exciting sights or historic cities. Others are located quite isolated. So have a good look at the nearest village if you do not want to feel isolated. Most agriturismo's have a swimming pool, and many of them have children's pool. Have a good look at the opening data. Mostly from may until end september.

At some of the agriturismo's they cook lovely meals for take away or to dine together at the table with a set menu. But far most of them have a restaurant on the site, which often serves a delicious regional cuisine based on home-grown or locally grown ingredients. Others have the opportunity for you to prepare a meal in your own spacious apartment, often with a private terrace and an apartment's kitchen or kitchenette. Many offer the combination

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Holiday on family-run farms with character

A significant part of the agriturismo's, In-Italia has the pleasure to work with, is family run and it means that the owners have a great hospitality related to the resort and a deep interest in getting you to feel welcome. They love the place, and it is a lifestyle rather than a job for them. Some farms have passed down, and although each generation leaves its own mark, you can feel the connection to the past. Often the owners have lots of knowledge what is worth seeing in the local area and are happy to help you to get the most out of your holiday. When you spend a holiday in an agriturismo, you are not an anonymous guest, but a part of the place the time that you live there.

What all agriturismo's have in common is that you will find peace and tranquility and enjoy each other company as family. Often you can go for (long) walks in the surrounding area or just relax and read your book at the pool. Very often the agritursimo is privileged with spectacular views over fields, mountains, hills, forests, lakes and sometimes even the sea. You can get really close to life as it is lived within community. Listen to the silence of the night, only broken by the cicadas, and to look forward to a well sleep in the clean country air, perfect to end to a good holiday. Last but not least, you bring all the good experiences home with you in the trunk.

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