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Prior to our suggestions, we give you some tips and tricks that are good to know, before setting out on a hike:

1st Do not walk alone
When there are more going together on a hike, there is more water to carry, remember the way you have walked, in case an accident should happen.

2nd Bring plenty of water
With Italy's high temperatures, especially in summer, it is important that you do not dehydrate, so taking plenty of water is advisable. Several places in the mountains may be lucky enough to find the purest spring water to quench the thirst. Bringing a small snack in the form of fruit or a cereal bar may be good to keep blood sugar levels up.

3rd Make sure your footwear is suitable for long trips
The right footwear is crucial. The boot should fit well on the foot from the start, and it is very important to the heel and toe caps are solid and ankle support optimal. The sole must be like to be a cross between soft and hard.

4th Bring extra warm clothing
The cold come very suddenly in mountainous regions, and although it has been quite warm during the day, it can quickly become cool in the evenings.

5th Bring rain gear
Since the mountainous areas often have changeable weather, it is good to be prepared for a bit of everything. As an alternative to a complete set of rain gear can bring either a poncho or a small umbrella.

6th Pack only what you need most and all inside a backpack
Please do not bring too much along for the ride. You will be tired quickly of carrying a heavy backpack. Make sure that everything is inside the backpack when tightened things can bother wearing comfort. Important things to pack in your backpack is a sun hat, sunscreen and perhaps a compass.

7th Notify someone about where you are going and how long you plan to be away
Give someone the place where you are going, so there is someone who cares if I do not come back. Note that in sparsely populated areas you often do not have mobile coverage.

8th Take enough breaks. Many short breaks are better than one too long
Breaks are important, especially when you are together, so nobody gets too tired. Short breaks are better than long, since you easily get sore legs if you sit down for long.

9th Follow the marked trails and make a route in advance
Be aware of how long you want to hike and where to, before you start the trip ,so everyone agrees on the length from the start.

10th If you get lost, always go back along the same road. Never try to find a shortcut The area you move in, often uncharted territory, makes it important you stick to the paths and do not try to take a shortcut.

In addition to the above advice, it is good to make some very basic ideas before you move out into the countryside. If you are with a larger company, it is important to share to all your physical ability. Make sure from the start to choose the correct route and think about the time you have set aside if the trip is realistic, so you do not become uncomfortably surprised by nightfall. It's always a good idea to contact the local tourist office to hear their input and visit a website for hiking in Italy to see if there were to be written excellent hiking books about the area.

Hiking in the National Park Monti Sibillini in the Marche region: The national park Monti Sibillini located in the southern part of the region and is known for its rich growth and wildlife and the beautiful landscape.
We have selected three great hiking routes in the park on length: A short hike, a slightly longer and the last and longest, takes you to Monte Vettore which is the highest mountain in the park with its 2,476 meters above sea level.

Hiking on Mount Etna in Sicily : One of the things that many associate with Sicily"s Mount Etna.
Now this is not without reason. Etna is Europe"s largest active volcano at 3,323 meters (towards Vesuvius 1,281 meters) and is one of the world"s most active of its kind. We"ll present some ideas on different hiking routes around the Etna and the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Hiking in the National Park Le Cinque Terre in Liguria : Here we have chosen to look at the popular hike Sentiero Azzurro, with its synchronous encoder, you get a good picture of the area and its beauty, as well as a brief presentation of La via dei Santuari, a hike between the various shrines in the five small towns that make up Le Cinque Terre.

Hiking in the Dolomites : We will present selected hiking in the area known as Dolomites, where we hope will inspire those who want the enjoy an active holiday in this region of Italy.

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