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Or perhaps you are a busy parent who is looking for a beautiful, small break from everyday life, where it may well feel like almost all the time is going to the children's needs. A task you obviously love, though we can promise that you will get a huge energy boost from tearing a few days out of the calendar, where you can think of yourself and your partner, and just enjoy life in Italy.

In other words, are you up to a vacation in Italy where the hotel is suited for adults, read more here ...

A child-free holiday is all about peace, pampering and experiences at your own pace
At In-Italia we have partnerhships with several lovely hotels that are particularly suitable for those who want a vacation without children. The hotels where the basis is created for the experience of warm evenings out on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden to have casual conversations over a glass of wine in peace. And it's hotels, located in scenic places or close to exciting cultural sights, so that you can take your time to explore. When you had lunch at a local restaurant, you might want to go for a walk in the nearby village or perhaps to a museum. You decide, it might even betime for a dip in the pool and a cup of coffee in the hotel? No matter where your hotel is located, in a major city, in the mountains or by the sea, you will no doubt love to spend a lot of time walking and just breath in the local life. 

A journey without children can recreate the romance

To taste the delicious cuisine at the hotels restaurant will be one of your big, everyday pleasures. An intimate dinner without children, where you can just concentrate on the food, the wine and each other's company gives renewed pleasure and richness

Below we would like to highlight a few of the hotels we work with, which iare particularly suitable for a travel without children. This does not mean that children are not welcome at these resorts. It is just said that most hotels aim for an adult audience who like to pamper themselves, relax and maybe let romance bloom. 

Hotels for adults only

We also have a partnership with many other hotels that are especially tuned on child-free holidays. Contact us if we can assist you in your selection of a holiday without children, 

Hotel Su Lithu in Sardinia.

Here you will find a truly romantic get-away on one of the islands in Europe which has the best beaches for a vacation. The family-run Hotel Su Lithu is picturesque located in the mountains, and thus slightly tucked away from the heavy tourism that characterizes the beach areas. Although it only gets really busy in Sardinia with Italian holidays in august. The fine, white sand and blue waves ar within comfortable distance from the town. if you do not feel like going to the beach, you and your partner can cool you off in the hotel pool. You  probably feel like doing a short daily walk down to the cozy town of Bitti, with it"s many churches. During your walk you can experience the local life of a true Sardinian village. The hotel has a lovely outdoor area where you can retire with a good book. At the restaurant you can embark on an adventure of local dishes offered here.

Hotel San Francesco al Monte in Naples

Views, views and again what a view...and just consider you have one of Italy"s largest and most interesting cities for your feet. When you spend a holiday in this former monastery in the mountains of Naples, every morning you wake up with the sight of the big bustling city , the sea, the volcano Mount Vesuvius and the island of Capri. Immerse yourself in the city lights at night and enjoy the panoramic outlook of this beautiful part of Italy also during the daytime. In the charming Hotel San Francesco al Monte you will love to take a swim in the pool that leads directly to a cave with a jacuzzi. Naples with its many museums, palaces, galleries and restaurants is your playground, and the city center is only 500 meters away. You can also have a dinner both at the hotel and in the neighborhood Vomero where you stay.

Agriturismo Ca "del Lago on Lake Como.

Another place that is somewhat hidden away so you can unwind completely. Lake Como is one of Italy"s most beautiful lakes, and at only 400 meters away you can find Agriturismo Ca "del Lago. The place has a welcoming and delighted character, what adult audiences often appreciate. This applies to both to place tasteful decor and the fantastic food in the restaurant. One of the best thing about this resort is that great spa and wellness room, where you can enjoy a massage, get in a Turkish bath, sauna and more. The pool is tasteful as it is surrounded by wooden deck in the cozy garden. In the evening you can curl up in an armchair with a good book by the fireplace.

Hotel Signum in Malfa on Salina Island, Aeolian Islands.

Here you can look forward to a pampering holiday with an exotic and romantic touch. Actually, this gem offers you a true luxury-adventure on the appealing island of Salina between two extinct volcanoes. With indescribably beautiful and magnificent views on the sea and the volcanic island of Stromboli, what sets the framework for this unique resort where you can enjoy both the luxurious spa and wellness, treatments as the tasty locally produced food and wine. Imagine sitting with a glass of the famous local dessert wine Malvasia, at Hotel Signums panoramic economic terrace while watching the peculiar and dangerous beauty of the Stromboli eruptions. The hotel, which is family-run and located in an old fishing village, is stylishly decorated with Aeolian character. The restaurant has an impressive menu, as you may well look forward to exploring more.

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