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Hence the name

Bracciano is about 40 km north of Rome, and is the largest town on the lake with the same name Lago di Bracciano. The legend says that the lake which has a volcanic origins, is a part of sunken city. The city as it is today reportedly has the shape of an arm and got the name Bracciano (arm).

When or why, but ...

Little is known about when or why Bracciano was founded. If we take over the assumptions, we think it started with a small collection of houses by the Roman road Via Clodia. It is also believed that it was to protect the population against the Saracens invasion. Since the city was taken over by the family Orsini, after having been under control by several different families and churches, it meant great prosperity for the city. The acquisition of the high and mighty family made this small fishing and farming town flourishing strongly.

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The castle which dominates the whole city was built on top of a hill and got its present appearance of the Orsini family in the late 1400s. It has been since then and until today the house of many famous people.

Historical exciting city

Bracciano is and has long been a popular holiday destination because of its good location. It is not so close to the sea but in return you have the lake and a historically interesting city to visit. We recommend that you visit the church of Santa Maria Novella and beside this, monastery degli Agostiani where you will find the City Museum and various archaeological items from the area. The castle's entrance is at the end of Piazza Mazzini and if you take a trip up the tower, you get a beautiful view over the city and lake. There are exhibitions with findings and relics from different eras, all of which are found in the area.

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