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As the name suggests it is fun using devices both inside and outside the water. There are several pool areas with both relaxed and more scary waterslides. There are several roller coasters, a tropical beach and a Pirate lagun where children can participate in water fight with each other. Here you'll also find seals and dolphins. Would you like a break from the water, you can go for a hike in Dinosaur Forest or watch the birds of prey and parrots,

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Practical information

The park is located at the town of Pomezia. It is open every day between the hours. 10.00 and 19.00 in the last week of July and throughout August. From Rome you can take the bus from the Metro EUR Fermi which in three quarters will take you straight to this place. The entrance costs 27 euros (in 2014) and provides access to everything. Children under one meter have free admission and if over one meter but less than 10 they let you in for 20 euros. Enjoy yourself!


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