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Montefiascone one of the many Etruscan towns in the area, which is particularly famous for the famous white wine EST! EST! EST!.

History of wine

The unusual name comes from an episode that takes us back to the year 1111, when Henry 5th of Germany was on his way to Rome to meet the Pope to be appointed Emperor of the Roman Empire. In the procession was a certain Bishop Johannes de Fugger, a true wine lover. One of the bishop's servants was sent ahead to choose an inn where they served the best wine. It was agreed that the landlord should write "EST" (Latin for "Here"), to indicate the place. When he finally arrived, he wrote EST three times with severe exclamation marks to enhance his opinion on the quality. The bishop never left Montefiascone again. He died in the city in the year 1113.

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Visit the 9th century church

We recommend that you visit San Flaviano, a 9th century church. In the lower part, you can see the tomb of Bishop Fugger. To honour him every year in August they organize a procession where participants are dressed in traditional and folk costumes. The church also contains a magnificent octagonal building with an apse and six chapels.

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