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In the city where the world-famous attractions nearly stand in line, you will always find discounts and holiday packages to Rome with In-Italia. Are you interested in history, the Italian capital is one of the world's most fascinating destinations with a wide array of unique attractions.

However a trip to Rome does not not only give you a chance to experience the magnificent ancient buildings and some of art history's greatest works. It is also an opportunity to experience an alluring city life in a vibrant Italian city, romantic places, good restaurants and cafes.

All roads lead to Rome

Are you looking for a cheap cultural trip? So, a trip to Rome is the right choice. Whether you are planning an extended romantic weekend or a pleasant family holiday, the capital of Italy takes it all.

We have a wide selection of apartments and hotels in the central parts of Rome, from where you can easily explore the city's many sights. If you go to Rome, you namely know that an extended weekend is just enough to visit a few of the main attractions. Even after a week vacation you'll probably feel that you just had time to scribble a little on the surface of Rome.

What you experience in Rome

It"s hard to just highlight a few of Rome"s many unique sights, but for most visitors the monuments of the Roman Empire greatness, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, are among the voyage historical highlights.

Likewise, we also recommend you to set aside time for a visit to the Vatican City. The Catholic Church"s headquarters has over time acquired some of the major artists to stand for decoration. One of the best known examples of this is obviously Michelangelo"s masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter"s Basilica.

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Surprises around every corner

When people from around the world will return to Rome on holiday, it is not just to visit more of the many exciting attractions. It is also very much to enjoy the special atmosphere that prevails in the city squares and in the side streets. Actually, it is worth giving the time to just stroll around a bit haphazardly to enjoy city life in Rome.

You may have already put lots of crosses in your guidebook at things you might want to remember about your trip to Rome. But on your way around in the historic center"s narrow streets you will undoubtedly constantly encounter many unexpected surprises in the form of museums, galleries, shops and cafes that lures with tempting menu.

Both for lunch and especially in the evening hours there is a vibrant life in the streets and a dinner at one of the city"s great restaurants is an ideal opportunity to gather new energy and experience the beautiful surroundings and city life in tranquility.

Use the search box above to find your next travel to Italy"s outstanding capital or one of the many other wonderful destinations in Italy. Our apartments in Rome are all hand-picked to ensure a memorable holiday.

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