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Experience the sun on your face during a city break in Rome

Sun and heat are also on the poster if you choose Rome as the destination for your holidays. The Mediterranean weather is very pleasant with long, hot summers, short, mild winters and particularly pleasant temperatures in fall and spring months. Rome is worth a visit all year round, but the best months, weather wise, are April, May and October.

At these times you can experience an early spring when the heat comes to Rome before it hits Northern Europe, or you can escape the autumn rain first frost. But be aware that there are many holidaymakers in Rome for Easter week. When pilgrimages Christians from the earth to the Vatican want to experience Easter in the Pope's city. It is a great and unique experience, though, be prepared for large crowds in most places during Easter.

Long weekend in Rome

Although it is quite possible to spend a week or more to explore Rome, a long weekend is often a good way to get a feel for the city. You can go on discovering during day time and enjoy life and relax in the evening with a refreshing aperetivo and a delicious Italian meal at one of the city's many outstanding restaurants. A long weekend in Rome with In-Italy gives you a wonderful break from everyday life.

If you only have a long weekend available, it is important that you stay centrally. When you arrive in Rome and checked in, we recommend starting with a stroll in the quarter around the hotel. It is a lovely and relaxing way to start the holiday or break and the best way to get an impression of the surrounding area. If you are hungry after seeing more of the city with the same, are you well advised to hop on bus number 110. It runs from the main train station (Stazione Termini), but you can also check with the reception where the nearest stop is. The bus trip is a cheap way to get a good overview of the center of Rome on.

Your hotel can also advise you about the many exciting, guided tours offered in the capital. There are many possibilities with expert guides who can give you a good, personal experience and share with you about the Eternal City.

Things to do in Rome

Unimaginable beautiful, the Colosseum is naturally a must-see when you travel to Rome. If you are here for a week or long weekend, the Colosseum is one of the sights that should be top of the list. The impressive structure which, inter alia, was used for Roman bloody gladiator fights, was built by Emperor Vespian in 70 CE. His son Titur completed the building work 10 years later.
When amphitheater was finished it could accommodate up to 50,000 spectators, and 76 of the 80 places were used by, the social class you belonged to (the last four was only used by senior citizens and guests). The Roman emperor naturally had its own entrance. It is a very special experience to stand in the middle of the square and just absorb the history of Europe with the sounds of modern Rome's bustle in the background.

The sound of the lively traffic is a memory that clearly is going to make an impression, although it can be annoying at times, it has its charm, and you might be surprised that you miss it a little of the bustle after your return.

Spanish Steps
The lovely Spanish Steps is another world famous landmark in Rome. It is located at Piazza di Spagna, which is named after the Spanish Embassy located here once upon a time. Steps were built and funded by a French diplomat who did not want to wade through the mud every time he was going up to the church Trinita dei Monti on. It was finished in 1725 and it is used today more than ever, both to curious travelers who admire its beauty, and Rome's daily pedestrians.

Food & Drink in Rome

Rome is one of the cities in the world that offers the greatest variety within the food and drinks of high quality. The Italian cuisine is world famous for its classic dishes one never gets tired of the taste. But even if you think you know everything about Italian food, then you have not experienced the best of the best before enjoying a delicious pasta dish on one of Rome's many evocative trattorias.

For example take a visit to the traditional trattoria La Campana, which has existed since the 1600s and which is still family run. Here you can taste the fettucini so al dente that one can be saved by less , often with delicious truffles when in season. Outside truffle season you should try the grilled lamb and fresh roasted vegetables.

Wherever in Rome hotel you stay, it will always be possible to walk to a traditional and delicious eatery with better prices than in Northern Europe. Nor is it difficult to find a nice bar where you can enjoy each other's company, a glass of wine and the sense of Rome, that never sleeps.

Experience a city break in Rome with In-Italy .

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