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Guest reviews of Terrazza Lucina

Read personal reviews of Terrazza Lucina in in Rome. The reviews of the holiday home are written by guests who have travelled with In-Italia. All reviews are of course uncensored in order for you to get an honest description and review of Terrazza Lucina. In addition to the review of the holiday home you can even get good tips from our guests on subjects such as day trips, restaurants, sights, beaches, local transportation and much more.

Quality and price doesn't match - misleading marketing

Misleading marketing
The address on the apartment Terrazza Lucina is not as described on the website: Piaza San Lorenze in Lucina number 4 - But Via in Lucina number 17!
It gave us a long number of issues on our arrival that Saturday in heavy rain. The contact did wait for us at number 4 at the lot, but we had to, after first having crossed the lot in pouring rain, go out on the Corsoe with our bags in the pouring rain and around the whole quarter before we finally reached the entrance and dry weather in Via in Lucina.
The cab had driven a long detour to reach the Piazza. If we had had the correct address, we would've, without the detour, dropped off in dry weather at the port Via in Lucina 17!
And we had also assumed that when we went out and came home - that it happened via the Piazza.
Romantic - yeah - but that's what your misleading marketing creates expectations about.

Quality and price:
By reading the only review the apartment had so far, we had been informed that the kitchen had slanted walls, and that in 2009 it was missing a bread knife. That the walls still were slanted with poor workspace we expected, but not that the bread knife still was missing!

Saturday we were too tired to complain about the inadequate lighting in the kitchen, hall, and living room, due to a number of missing or defect light bulbs. What was worse though, was that there wasn't any hot water in the taps. But Sunday morning we called the contact person Luca.
He promised that the lighting conditions would be fixed Monday - and he claimed, that when he left, that we had hot water.
And we did to a certain degree - but if seemed totally random, when there was hot water and how fast it got cold again, and under all circumstances you had to wait at least 5 minutes to get hot water, if you for example wanted to wash your hands.
When I myself experienced that I had to wash soap off with cold water under the morning shower, and when wife, while she was washing her hair, also suddenly needed hot water, we called again Wednesday to Rome sweet home - Also to tell them that the lighting issues hadn't been fixed Monday as promised (Tuesday they put some useless light bulbs on a shelf, while we were out).
Now there immediately came a female worker, who momentarily provided hot water - it disappeared again within 15 minutes after she left.
But unlike Luca, she had shown me how to manipulate certain buttons and settings on the water heater so you, for example, could get hot water if it disappeared again.
So the rest of the sat we managed the issues ourselves, so good that it only was our grandchild and myself that stood in the cold shower once, each. Even if standing under the shower is so much talk. Cause in that bathroom, which there isn't a picture of on the website (what is maybe understandable, but no acceptable), can't a grown up Danish man stand and bend himself together - and the slanted walls in the other bathroom also prevent standing raised. So mine (and my wife's) turns in the shower was spent on our knees.
The view to the St. Peters church was as beautiful as on the picture - which sets off the one star. The other is given because the cleaning was the best we've ever experienced in Rome.

In-Italia's comment

At In-Italia we how a sober tone and objectivity, so we will not answer the claims of misleading and false marketing with corresponding insults. We will make do with the remark, that the stairway to the apartment Terrazza Lucina is in a yard between two streets, where there is access from the entrance on Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina nr. 4 which is Lucina 17. Why the the one who is responsible for the delivery of the key chose the last-mentioned, we cannot say. About those slanted walls, we are sore, that it has been necessary to read former guests reviews to be aware of the kitchens condition, when we in the description of the apartment write: "there is to low to the ceiling in the kitchen because slanted walls, and the kitchen is a bit too standard for such a nice apartment", where our pictures of the kitchen also with all clarity shows very slanted walls. Actually all of our 8 pictures of the apartment shows that it is right under the roof, and it therefore has a low ceiling a lot of places. This is certainly also the case for the bath, where our picture clearly shows you can't stand straight up in it. It may be, that we are a bit too tolerant, when it comes to the hight of the shower in a lot of the apartments and hotel rooms, we have on display. Those responsible for the description of Terrazza Lucina is 2 meters high, and therefore takes it as a natural part of travelling in Southern Europe, that it often takes flexibility to take a shower. We do doubt though, that a picture of the bathroom, would have clearly shown the showers exact height. That it can cause problems to understand how a gas furnace works, is unfortunately not news. We have no solution for this, other than calling our local business partners, who are available in most cases around the clock, all of the weeks days. It same applies when a bulb is broken.

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Travel period October 2015
Number of travellers 3 adults
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Information on the reviewer

Travel period July 2009
Number of travellers 5 adults
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