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Sperlonga is a beautiful medieval town that sits on a rock by the sea between Rome (136 km) and Naples (146 km). The town is very distinctive with its white houses, its narrow alleys and stairways, and for the same reason is included on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy: I Borghi più belli d'Italia. In the area outside the town are many olive groves from which a high quality oil is made and exported to many other countries.

The town includes a fortress which was originally erected to protect the land from sea invasions. Many of the town's monuments are very well preserved including the old city gates, Porta Portella and Porta Marina, the three watchtowers torre Truglia, Torre Capovento and Torre Nibbio and the medieval castle.

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The town was partially destroyed in 1534, but a rebuild started a hundred years later and palaces and churches were constructed. The oldest church is Santa Maria della Spelonca (which means "natural cave" and has given the town its name) dating back to the 1100's, while the San Rocco church was built in the 1400's. The most important mansion is Palazzo Sabella which was a temporary residence for Pope Clement the 7th in 1379.

L'Antro di Tiberio or Tiberio's cave was found in what was believed to be the Emperor Tiberios beach villa. The villa has been decorated with marble, glass mosaics and statues, inspired by Odysseus' heroic deeds. A portion of this cave is now on display in the local archaeological museum.

We advise our customers to arrive by car as it provides better opportunities to explore neighbouring towns and the region's cultural offerings. If you choose to arrive by public transport because the purpose of the holiday is a relaxing beach holiday on the beautiful beaches, you can take a train from Rome (Roma Termini) to Fondi - the journey takes approx. 1 hour. Fondi is a market town situated about 10 km from Sperlonga from where you can either take a taxi or wait for a bus, however, these can be infrequent.

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