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Emperor Hadrian's idea was to create a ideal city. Many of the buildings are spread over an area of more than 100 hectares and is thus the largest facility ever built by a Roman emperor. Villa Adriana was Emperor's Hadrian's favorite place when he visited Rome. The villa is located on a hillside and is surrounded by a river which flows into the Tiber so the villa's location could easily be reached by boat from Rome.

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The remains of the library

At the villa's central part there was a garden with superb panoramic views of the valley. Here you can among other things see the ruins of a Greek and Latin library and a large courtyard garden with magnificent Doric columns.

"Invisible Slaves"

At a large part of the area extends a long series of underground paths and passages that slaves used when they worked here. These paths had the function that one could avoid seeing the slaves, as in this way, they could move from one building to another underground. The many years passing by have left its traces in Villa Adriana. It is difficult to get a realistic picture of how the building just looked at Hadrian's time.

Conservation Worthy

What today appears as open space may in the past have been small passages or dining halls, which are unfortunately is no longer visible. Many of the buildings were several storeys tall with impressive domes that eventually collapsed. In 1999, Villa Adrian was put on UNESOC's list of preservation in the world.


Villa Adriana can be visited all year round from 9.00 and until 1 hour before sunset. Admission is € 6.50 per person.


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