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Generally in Liguria you're going to find both great mountains to climb, gorgeous bike paths along the boardwalks, trails along the cliffs of the coast and a crystal clear sea, just waiting to impress divers, windsurfers and sailing enthusiasts. The region's rugged mountainous nature provides a perfect base for an active holiday on many fronts.

Go on tour during your holiday in Liguria

We do not exaggerate when we say Liguria, or the Italian Riviera as coastal region is also called, is a true paradise for hikers. As mentioned above, it is not least the famous Cinque Terre National Park that beckons in this context. Cinque Terre, is located along the coast, UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its unique beauty and the way cities and nature are integrated harmoniously with each other. The area stretches out over 12 kilometers, so it"s added up, many hours of beautiful walks if you take your time along the way. You might get overwhelmed with stunning views: the lush countryside, panoramic views of steep cliffs and a turquoise sea, not to mention the very special, colorful coastal towns that are typically a characteristic of Liguria.

The name Cinque (five in Italian) Terre has its explanation in that area can accommodate 5 small villages, and many choose to go from town to town while enjoying the scenery and ocean views along the way. The villages called Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, and have a total of 7,000 inhabitants. They were founded in the Middle Ages, and the oldest, Monterosso al Mare, dates back to the year 643. At that time, people fled to the coast to escape from invading barbarians, and founded this picturesque town on the cliffs. But it is not only the Cinque Terre that tempts hikers when you roam through Liguria. The trails in the National Park Montemarcello-Magra are starting in the fine city of Montemarcello. Further down the coast is the National Park Portovenere, which includes the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. It is relatively easy to hike on the islands, where you can also enjoy wonderful vistas. You meet very infrequently large flocks of tourists, and you can thus enjoy the peaceful ride in comfort.

Cycling holidays in Liguria

Liguria is a colorfull land and a delight to experience from up close, at your own pace with your hiking boots on your feet. Furthermore It is a joy to experience this extraordinarily beautiful coastal region by bike. Italy is a bicycle country without doubt. There are many places where you can rent bicycles in cities and tourist areas in Liguria, and some hotels also have bikes available to guests. Cinque Terre is an obvious area to visit by bike if you are not afraid of challenges and steep slopes. 

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An example of a particularly pleasant cycling route for you, your partner and your family, is the route which is often called "Bike-Riviera", or Parco Costiero del Ponente. There is a bike path that runs between San Lorenzo al Mare and Ospedaletti. It is 20 km long, and you pass through the beautiful coastal town of San Remo on the road. San Remo is also the play ground of the very famous cycling race Milan - San Remo. A great advantage of the "Bike-Riviera" route is, in addition to the magnificent views of the coast, is that it is completely free of traffic. It gives you an amazing tranquility to just enjoy the trip and surroundings.

Golf holidays in Liguria

Liguria is a great golf-destination, so if time on the course with a golf club in your hand fits into your idea of ? Liguria is not a bad place to go to. You get a sensible selection of golf courses to choose from, including a few who belong to clubs and some that are affiliated to resorts. The golf course in Liguria with best recommendations from golf connoisseurs is "Circolo Golfo Degli Ulivi San Remo, with 18 holes of course.

Painting courses in Liguria

If you have artistic tendencies or when you are curious if you could have developed it?  Liguria is a destination with its unforgettable landscapes and colorful coastal cities that will surely inspire you. Artists have always flocked to the Italian Riviera, including known for a very special light, underlining the region"s beauty. There are many possibitlies to get education in watercolor painting in Liguria. Both in the form of workshops and longer courses, where the daily teaching could be a central part of your holiday. Some resorts, hotels and agriturismo also organize workshops for their guests, usually for an extra charge. 

Cooking lessons in Liguria

Do you dream of being able to make a pasta pesto that will exceed your expectation? You"ve come to the right place, if you choose to spend your holiday on the Italian Riviera. Liguria is a destination that very much stands for gastronomy to the extremely tasty end of the scale. You can advantageously integrate a cooking class in your active vacation in Liguri. You will be able to conjure some of the best ingredients Italy has to offer. There is a huge variety of cooking courses available in the areas of Liguria which are well visited by holidaymakers. To name a place, we cooperate even with it delicious resort Agriturismo L"Amandola in La Spezia, where you can learn how to make dishes such as the Ligurian invention pesto, pasta or jam in real Italian style.

Diving in Liguria

It is not only on land Liguria where it is an adventure to explore. Underwater life off the coast should not be underestimated, and whether you"re a beginner or an experienced diver, Liguria will not disappoint you. Especially the maritime national park at Portofino offers many beautiful views and stunning adventures under water. Here you can see a great variety of colorful fish species, cephalopods, starfish and shellfish, as well as fascinating coral reefs. For experienced divers, it is possible to get out at greater depths where you also can experience shipwrecks on the seabed.

If you have a diving certificate, or are you willing to get it, while you are on holiday in Liguria, you can meet the statue of Christ under the water. This unique experience you can experience by joining one of the guided dives organized organizing several diving schools in the cities and tourist areas in Liguria, especially in Portofino. In the water in front of San Fruttuoso Church, which is scenic and relatively very accessible located in a lagoon at the foot of a mountain slope, stands a tall bronze statue of Christ with upraised arms down at approximately 15 meters depth. In honor of and in memory of the many Ligurian sailors who have died at sea over the years.

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