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The village Borgomare is a small Ligurian summer dream, but it also looks good in spring and autumn! Here it is definitely peaceful ... and very, very authentic. Imperia commercial life and beaches with 40,000 residents are just around 15 miles away from here.

Borgomaro Village bisected beautifully by River Impero

Borgomaro municipality contains approx. 800 residents - some cats, a handful of geese and other creatures from the animal kingdom! The village is located in Maro Valley and bisected by the River Impero, which adds both life and sound to the area. The versatile river is adorned with lots of greenery and meanders easily through the Ligurian countryside, where in one place it forms a rippling waterfall. The locals like to bathe in the river pools during the summer and of course you are welcome to join them! Historically, the water does not only play a role in the river. Borgomaro also has some well-preserved washing areas which are located in the middle of town that tell tales of a bygone era.

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Local life and necessities

The market square plays the role of the hub of this small medieval village, with the bridge over the River Impero and the 18th Century church Sant'Antonio nearby. The village bakery and grocery store are located here. Other convenient stores can be found in the small streets, which are known as caruggi in the local dialect. These include the local coffee shop, a newsagent, a pharmacy and a post office. The village is equipped with the most essential services - and if you need to do a bigger shopping trip, there is a large supermarket and shopping centre Bennett only approx. 9 km away in the direction of Imperia.

Restaurants that you just have to return to

There are two dining options in the Borgomaro complex which include a well reputed pizzeria (Pizzeria Le Logge) that specialises in making pizzas for two people - a kind of romantic meal in a romantic setting. The ingredients are fresh and the pizzas are reportedly worth the drive alone, although if you are staying there you won't need to take the car! (Try for example the Pizza San Bartolomeo!). There is also another restaurant(Censin da Bea) that serves genuine Ligurian food in authentic rooms to the soothing sound of a watermill. In addition to classic Ligurian pasta and meat dishes, they also serve snails and frogs! Finally, approx. 1 km from the village is a diner at an agriturismo. These local eateries usually close one or two days a week which typically is on a Monday.

Local hiking trails

From Borgomaro there are several interesting hiking trails. One of the easy routes is approx. 3 km long and starts from Borgomaro, goes past Maro Castello and loops back to Borgomaro and take around an hour. One of the more challenging routes involving much exercise is a pleasing 12 km long route which takes you from Borgomaro to the village of Aurigo. If you take the trip back to Borgomare again it takes approx. 3 ½ hours depending on your walking speed.

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