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Use the search engine to see all holiday stopovers, offering the our handpicked places in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre represents 12 km of the Ligurian coastline, home to 5 amazing villages, with 7000 inhabitants all together.

The five small pastel-colored towns that cling to the cliffs above the sea on the Ligurian coast are connected by ancient trails of varying difficulty. But you can also choose to go by train or tour boat to the towns. It is also possible to explore parts of the dramatic coastline by car, but with the exception of

Take your hiking boots to Cinque Terre

Are you dreaming of an active holiday with exciting cultural experiences and beautiful scenery? Wrap a good pair of walking shoes and look forward to a unique cultural landscape with picturesque towns, vineyards, lemon and olive groves.

In the five medieval towns you can rest your feet while enjoying a refreshment and the relaxed atmosphere at one of the many cozy cafés. It is of course not meant to do the whole stretch of coast in one leg. Most people choose to break it up and possibly use the old railway on certain stretches. If you"re more ambitious, you can find longer routes in the mountains, where you pass vineyards and trails more for yourself than down at the coast.

Although most people who are physically fit can follow the trails, you should be aware that there is not much shade along the way. Mid-summer can therefore be quite harsh going here along the Italian Riviera, and a wide-brimmed hat is important. You must also always have water with you, even on short trips. Also check the trail condition in advance where possible. It is sometimes happens there are landslides in the area, so some trails may be closed for shorter or longer periods.

Although most travel to Cinque Terre to go hiking, there are also excellent opportunities to relax. The holiday home gives a perfect base, so you can decide which parts of Liguria's dramatic coastline you will explore on day trips yours. After a busy, active day, you are most probabaly looking foreard to fill your stomach with some delicious local specialties from the sea combined with the renowned local white wine.

The sandy beach in Monterosso also invites to pure relaxation and is the only one of the five cities where they offer organized sunbeds, umbrellas and other amenities. You can easily spend here a day with a good book and enjoy the view of the clear azure sea.

If you take the kids along you should try the neighboring towns
Moneglia and Levanto especially suitable. Here are the beaches and continued possibilties to jump on the train to one of the five Cinque Terre towns.

Land and water

Cinque Terre is currently designated as National park on the UNESCO list.UNESCO justifies the area on its prestigious list of the Cinque Terre as follow "represents a harmonious interaction between humans and nature, which has produced a landscape of exceptional scenic quality and illustrates a traditional way of life that has existed for a thousand years."

Off the coast it also offers a Marine Reserve where you can snorkel, dive and do whale watching with great great chance seeing many different species of whales.

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