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Most popular cities on The Italian Riviera

All cities on The Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera runs from Ventimiglia in the west (where the French Riviera stops) and follows the Ligurian coast up to La Spezia at the border with Tuscany. Here you can enjoy a lovely Mediterranean climate at the edge of the mountains, almost "leaning" directly into the Ligurian Sea. There are plenty of apartments and holiday homes to choose from, as this is a classic holiday destination, whether you choose the western side (Riviera di Ponente ) or the Eastern part of the Italian Riviera, or the main city of Genoa : the Riviera di Levante.

Because of the mild climate you can , and although the weather in late autumn and winter does not facilitate you many trips to the beach, you can still have a wonderful holiday with two-digit temperatures, and perhaps experience an early spring?

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Italian Riviera inspired Hemingway

You will not be one the first travelers who falls in love with the stunning Italian Riviera, which for centuries has been well attended by both great artists as travelers from near and far.
Liguria the coastline is full of interesting history with world-famous literary figures like Byron and Shelley had their roots covered in the early 1800s. The author D. H. Lawrence lived in the fishing village of Fiascherino and Hemingway spent much time in Rapallo further west.
It is not difficult to understand these talented men"s preference for the Italian Riviera. The area has magnificent views encircled by the Alps and additional it has an unusual mild micro-climate all year round. It is probably the most beautiful coast of Italy, and the special microclimate creates conditions for the overwhelming wealth of flowers everywhere. To the west you can even find a part of the Riviera, which is named after the flower industry "of Flowers" Riviera dei Fiori.

East or West? The entire Riviera is best!

There is disagreement as to whether it is the western or eastern part of the Riviera, that is the perfect holiday resort. The truth is that it depends on what you"re into. The eastern part has the most spectacular panoramic views, and this is where you go if you really want to experience the glamorous atmosphere that continues to surround parts of the Italian Riviera.

However, if you are looking for a vibrant beach and lots of sun, you find your needs in the direction of the attractive beaches along the Riviera di Ponente. Here are all the conditions shaped for the perfect family holiday and lots of Italians love to spend their summer holidays here.
In the western part of the Riviera di Ponente, we recommend that you visit the city of Ventimiglia where on Fridays you find a particularly lively market with e.g. leather goods. If you go even further west, you reach the beautiful and fragrant Riviera dei Fiori. (Flower riviera)

Perfect Italian food on the Italian Riviera

The Ligurian cuisine possibly makes your mouth water even more than the rest of Italian cuisines. Local specialties include olive oil from Imperia, anchovies and dry white wine from the nature reserve Cinque Terre - "The Five Areas", which is perfect to cool down after a hot day.

The world known and loved pesto Genovese also originates from Liguria. A more heavenly taste experience than a local, home-made version of this pesto is just impossible.
In the port city of Genoa, pesto was originally invented to prevent scurvy amongst sailors. Try some delicious takeaway lasagne from the many local pasta specialists of the Italian Rivieras small and large cities, of course with lots of pesto Genovese poured. It costs just a few Euros, but it tastes great. The Ligurian kitchen includes a lot of fish, rabbit, pasta with walnut sauce, the pasta type trofie (tastes great with pesto) and focaccia, especially the version with cheese from Recco.

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