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You will find that the town has a very pleasant beach and a family friendly atmoshpere, with many quaint streets with local shops, cafes and restaurants. Its history dates back to 1100 - as evident by the ruins of the old tower. Several historical buildings are interesting to explore, like the church of Santa Croce, and the Franciscan monastery San Giorgio which now contains a luxury hotel of the same name.

Enjoy the scenery and good swimming opportunities

Although most will not visit Moneglia for its history, rather for its beaches, nature and opportunities for hiking in the surrounding areas. Moneglia has a good beach that is well protected from the sea by a large barrier of stone, which defines the area that is used for swimming.

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Wander the quaint streets

The town has many quaint streets lined with palm trees where you can find plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants. The station is located right in the centre and connects the town with the outside world including Sestri Levante and the five villages of the Cinque Terre several times an hour. Therefore, Moneglia is a great base for those wishing to visit the Cinque Terre without actually staying in one of the small towns.

Visit neighbouring towns

Moneglia also has the advantage of being connected to Sestri Levante / Riva Trigoso through a tunnel of about 5 km (a former railway tunnel). This way you can get to the centre of Sestri Levante in less than a quarter of an hour, and have access to the motorway that connects all of Liguria. The tunnel is only one way, so it is "open" only 3 times per hour. From Sestri Levante / Riva Trigoso the light is green at the minutes 15, 35 and 55 past the hour and at Moneglia at 5, 25 and 45 past the hour. It is always nice to stick together with other drivers and motorcycle until the light turns green! Many use the waiting time for a trip to the supermarket in Sestri Levante if you are coming from that side, or for a walk along the beach.

You can also reach Moneglia along the old road over the mountains. It is long, narrow and windy - but incredibly beautiful and not very busy.

The mountain village Lemeglio outside Moneglia

You will discover some small villages in the mountains near Moneglia, such as Lemeglio, which is a small group of houses. Lemeglio has no stores, but offers a very famous fish restaurant. A local bus serves the area at least once per hour during the day up until 23:00. The journey from the centre of Moneglia to Lemeglio only takes 5 minutes, even if the road is narrow and winding.

Find your holiday accommodation in Moneglia

At In-Italia we offer holiday accommodation in and around Moneglia and all over Liguria. You can search through our handpicked catalogue of apartments and hotels by using the search machine at the top of this page and see what appeals to you. Or you can contact us for free advice by emailing us, calling the number on the right of the page, or use the chat option on the left of the page. We are happy to help and with over 15 years of experience of travel in Italy, we have what it takes to ensure that you have a happy holiday.

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