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Something special in a good way

Many believe that all the coastal towns in Liguria are similar, but it is certainly not true! The charming town of Noli has great chance to draw your interest, though the drive way here, with its steep rock outcrops are not less than amazing and could take your breath away. The island of Bergeggi is near and with its green colors whole down to the turquoise sea, certainly worth a trip.

Style rocky outcrop down towards the blue

If you think about celebrating your holiday in the western part of Liguria, you should indulge yourself with a visit to Noli and surroundings. The most impressive thing about this tour is probably the 4 km long coastline that runs between Noli and the neighboring town of Varigotti to the southwest. When you're cruising along the coastal road Aurelia, you can both see and smell the azure sea water, the unique sight of the high and very steep rocky outcrop, which is largely comparable with the matchless formations that you meet on the Amalfi Coast in the southern Italy.
Back to Noli, you find the view from the top as appealing, a nice sandy beach, wide palm promenade, colorful planters, beach guests, sun shades in various colors, small fishing boats resting on land and delicate pastel colored and well maintained houses. Moving into Nolis cozy center along the narrow pedestrian alleys, you will quickly notice the evocative local life is the hallmark of the cities and not only for the tourists.

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The castle and the church on the city's top

Enjoy the beautiful church St. Paragorio , situated on the top. The old municipality has chosen to restore it back to the 11th century Lombard-Romanesque style, and therefore the church was in 1890 declared a national monument. Also the castle Castello di Monte Ursino that has great views to the city, is well worth a visit. In the vicinity of Noli, La Grotta Arma delle Manie, which is one of the largest caves in the whole of Liguria. It is located on a plateau about 250 meters above sea level, and is still used as a barn and storage for local farmers.

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