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A beautiful vacation spot

If you would like to get away from the tourist areas along the Italian Riviera, we recommend taking an excursion to the town of Triora. The small medieval mountain town of Triora which is on the list of the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy, located not far from Sanremo.To get there, take the main road at Arma di Taggia and about half an hour up the mountains. Triora is located inside the Argentinadalen, and here there is a spectacular view.

Witch Burning

The town is called witches' town. Since the Inquisition in the 1500s many witches' were burned behind the castle's thick walls. The sinister past, stands in great contrast to the charming town you meet today.

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Charming place

In the year 1000, Triora consisted of 5 forts, however today Triora remains the Castello Fortress. The city is car-free and offers several portals, tunnels and a large church square in front of the church "La Colleggiata". The narrow and cobbled streets in fine interplay with different architectural currents that make this ancient city into a charming place to visit. You will get the feeling that the place is taken out of a historic film from the 1400s. Today only two hundred people live in the town, but in summer there are many who come up here to enjoy the slightly cooler summer nights.


The village museum is worth a visit. Here you can see the torture methods that were used against the women who they believed were linked to the devil and were burned as witches. Every year at Halloween the city commemorates witches with a grand celebration.

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