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Active holiday with a wealth of experiences

An active holiday in Lombardy can take place in several forms. The many lakes attracts people of all ages, and there are excellent opportunities for swimming, surfing and sailing. Discover the high mountains on foot, on mountain bike and for the daredevils, they can fly out from dizzying heights along with other paragliders. In winter, many ski resorts obvious host the snow active holidays.

The mountainous region of Lombardy beckons with sparkling white slopes, magnificent lakes and one of Italy"s largest and most vibrant cities: fashion capital of Europe, Milan

If you prefer a more dramatic scenery and love to go hiking you might want to enjoy at the picturesque and exclusive Lake Como"s shores. Or perhaps a city break or long weekend in majestic Milan. Consider a trip to Lombardy in Northern Italy. Here, nature is your playground all year round, and to explore the region at close range, on foot or on a bike, is a great experience.

In the northern part of Lombardy you find Italy"s largest lake, Lake Garda. Like the rest of the region, it invites to countless varieties of active holidays combined with relaxed enjoyment of the stunning views over the lake.

Skiing in Lombardy

Lombardy is one of the regions where you can ski in wonderful scenery that it easily makes you lose breath on your way down the slopes. Not because it is so physically challenging, though the Lombards mountain ranges continues to impress even the most well-traveled Italy-lovers. There is a large variety of different areas in Alpe region that invites for an active skiing holiday. One of them is Livigno.

Livigno is part one of the most popular ski areas in the Alps. Livigno is located at 1816 meters above sea level and the ski area reaches to 2796 meters above sea level The area offers 115 km of pistes spread over the two mountain sides Mottolino and Carosello, thereby giving you the opportunity to always be able to select a sunny side to stand on. Down in the valley there are excellent facilities for beginners with many short lifts scattered along the town. Higher up in the terrain you will find a wider variety of trails for more experienced skiers.

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The challenges of the terrain is not among the highest and therefore we do not recommend this site for the most experienced skiers. If you are looking for some greater challenges, you can for example go to the ski resort of Aprico located in Valtellina in Sondrio province. Here you will find something for all levels, both for skiing and snowboarding. The ski season in Lombardy usually goes from January to April.

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Walking in Lombardy

Such a beautiful region should of course not only be experienced through the car window, but also on foot. Here you find both challenging and easy trails that give you the opportunity to experience the region"s major variations in terrain. The alpine north differs markedly from it"s smoother hilly south  and the plains of the Po River is a chapter by itself. One of the most popular places to go hiking in Lombardy is the Stelvio National Park in Brescia province, which is Italy"s largest and most famous national park.

You can go on many great walks while enjoying views of the Alps and explore the park"s wildlife. In Stelvio there are several botanical gardens you can visit. Stelvio Pass is known as an exciting challenge for mountain bike enthusiasts that are in good shape. The professional bike riders in the Giro d"Italia ride each year through the pass. But they are not the only ones taking the challenge of trying to reach the top of the Stelvio mountain on two wheels. Many motorcyclists and cyclists struggled to follow their way up and down. Every year the road is closed to motorized vehicles the whole day in late may, when about 8,000 cyclists fills the road in the panoramic surroundings.

Another impressive area you can spend many great hours on a trip to the Maggiore shores. Part of the lake is situated in Switzerland, and both the Swiss and the Italian side are known for its lush mountains that adorn the landscape. In some places there are beaches so you can combine hiking or cycling holiday at Lake Maggiore with swimming in the enticing waters. It is also part picturesque towns around the lake which is well worth visiting.

Lake Como should of course also be mentioned in this connection. It is home to incredibly beautiful natural landscapes that have remained unchanged for centuries. From the mountains of the Brianza region, this almost magical area filled with exciting trails meeting all needs: both, the need to challenge and experience nature in its most authentic form, and the need to enjoy relaxing walks. When you go hiking around Lake Como you will often be able to follow developments in the area's history with every step you take, through ancient paths and rural settlements.

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To get tips on hiking holiday in Lombardy you are always welcome to contact us at In-Italy.

Cycling Holiday in Lombardy

Unless you are ambitious and in good shape, when you rent a mountain bike, it will usually be the flatter parts of Lombardy you visit if your holiday for cycling. Po valley and especially Cremona province are interesting places to explore by bike, whether you are traveling with the whole family or group of friends, and just bike on a cosy level. 

This green and fertile province is like balm for the soul, and if you"ve been in Lombardy"s alpine North, you will be very impressed the large variation of this region. When riding on the Po plain"s paths you pass noble villas and cultural landscapes they grow produce that is typical for Lombardy. All in perfect harmony with nature. A very interesting route in the Po valley you can follow is throughout Cremona Province from south to north. You drive through Pizzighettone and Soncino along the Serio Morto Valley. Both Pizzighettone and Soncino are towns that are especially rich in history. They are still surrounded by a well-preserved fortresses, in other words, the town is surrounded by walls. The route is 38 km long and in addition to the aforementioned towns, you cycle past other historical sights and can enjoy the many beautiful vistas along the way.

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If you want to experience the mountain ranges on a mountain bike, do not despair even if you are not a very experienced mountain biker. Although Alpe Province Bormio, which is one of the Lombardy"s most visited provinces, marked by many difficult routes you can find more easy options available here. Views from your bike seat in this part of Lombardy is worth every drop of sweat that might be triggered by all the effort. An example of a foreseeable route, if difficulty is not completely unreasonable, is the 15 km long Bormio - Madonna dei Monti - Niblogo - Baita del Pastore route. You start in the beautiful old mountain town of Bormio and end up at the Baita del Pastore in the paradisiacal Zebu Valley.

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