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If you fly to Milan Malpensa airport, you can be here in around 40 - to 60 minutes by car. Otherwise you can arrive by train from Milan central train station, and then rely on the great ferry services to see the other towns on the lake shore, which is a fun and scenic way to get around the lake.

Dining in Como

You will find many eateries to suit all pockets in the town, from cafes where you can get a light snack to pizzerias, to more refined restaurants offering good Italian and regional cuisine. Fish predominates in the restaurants on the lake (as expected). You will also find that polenta; a golden-yellow Italian cornmeal made from ground maize is frequently featured on menus. Meat dishes are also on the menus, often pork, beef or chicken, rabbit and venison.

Things to do and see in Como

Boat trips are the obvious first choice and for a reasonable fee you can hop on and off the ferries and easily see the other wonderful towns on the shores of Lake Como including Bellagio, Varenna and Megaggio to name a few. Otherwise there are a few attractions worth seeing: The Cathedral - A short walk down Via Caio Plinio II with take you to Como's richly decorated Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral where the construction started in 1396 and finished in 1740. Tempio Voltiano (Temple Volta) - designed in Neoclassical style is a nice stop on your stroll along the waterfront. It houses an exhibition about Volta (a native of Como who invented the electric battery). The front of the building showcases two statues, representing science and faith. Isola Comacina- (take the ferry to the Isola Comacina stop). A small island with ruins of several byzantine churches. It was once a town that allied with Milan against Como. The town was destroyed by Como's army in 1169. The Civic Art Gallery - (Pinacoteca Civica) near to the Palazzo Volpi

Book your holiday in Como

Chose your holiday accommodation in Como from our handpicked collection of vacation rentals and hotels using the search machine at the top of the page. Why not contact our experienced travel experts and take advantage of our free travel advice and over 15 years experience. We can recommend the best places to visit for stays and daytrips around Lake Como and Lombardy, and can even tailor-make a tour specifically to suit your needs. Contact us by email using the contact link at the top of the page, by using the chat box to the left of the page, or call us using the number to the right of the page. We are here to help you get the best out of your holiday in Italy.

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