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Lake Idro is one of the larger lakes in Northern Italy that is still relatively unknown amongst tourists. It is approx. 10km long and is beautifully situated in the mountain valley of Val Giudicarie Inferiore west of Lake Garda.

The main town called Idro is located in the South eastern part of the lake. It is a very quaint little town which has grown along with the neighbouring town of Crone. Perhaps it would be more correct to speak of a collection of houses with a small harbour, rather than an actual town, because it is very small. The main road is located on the lake's west side, so the only road that runs through town is a local road.

The town has a few restaurants and small shops, but Idro is a place you go to appreciate nature and relaxation or to enjoy a good book in the sunshine. There are many hiking trails in the area, and it is an ideal playground for mountain bikes and motorcycles.

The distance to Lake Garda is affordable. If you drive south to Salo it takes about ½ hour, and if you take the road north past Lake Ledro, it should take about 1 hour to reach Riva.

There is also a route via the Gargnano mountains which is absolutely the most beautiful route but not the easiest, and this passes the beautiful dammed lake Valvestino. If you are not afraid of driving on mountain roads then this route is a must. It is an unforgettable experience that should take around 2 hours. There are many opportunities for scenic stops along the way.

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