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Sorico belongs to the scenic and sparsely populated part of Lake Como. The town is about. 80 km from Milan and about. 45 km from Como, which is Lake Como's largest resort town. The towns up here in the north of the lake are flatter than those on southern end of the lake, providing easy access to both the roads and lake. The conditions for cycling and hiking along the lake or in the green-clad mountains are perfect. If you pass this way, the nature reserve Pian di Spagna is worth a visit.

Sorico is essentially a small town with 1200 inhabitants with a post office, a town hall, a pretty little church, sports (football, tennis), a market, shops and restaurants. You can taste an excellent artisan bread at the bakery in town (closed on Mondays) and then stop for a break opposite at Il Baretto coffee (closed on Thursdays). Here you will really feel in the heart of a small community. The men of the town who all know each other well, sit chatting at the bar drinking coffee, which by the way is much cheaper here than in the southern part of the lake. The supermarket, located a little further up the street has almost everything you need and is even open on Sundays. Here, between the meat and cheese, you will find many sellers of fruits and vegetables and even a gift shop.

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