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Embark on a long holiday in Italy with In Italia and enjoy the good climate and the delicious food.
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Would you like to give yourself a long respite from the gray, cold North European winter? To a place where the climate is mild and pleasant, even in January? A place where spring flowers can start peep out everywhere already in February? Where you can slip into the local everyday life as it is lived outside of the travel season, and stay at a nice hotel or a nice apartment at a decent price?

Are you looking forward to take your time, (for example, 3 or 4 weeks ), to really explore your environment to the bottom and let the holiday mood and relaxation settle into your bones?
Then consider a long time travel to Italy with In-Italia. We are experts in long travel and know exactly where in Italy you can usefully travel to if you want a great travel experience out of season.

Long holiday in Rome, Amalfi Coast and Sicily?

At In-Italia we recommend three main travel destinations in Italy, if you want to stay in Italy for the long-term off season: Long-term vacation in Rome The Eternal City, where life is lived at a high pace throughout the year. Stay centrally on your long holiday in the metropolis and become a part of city life. Explore Rome"s many historic treasures and fabulous architecture at your pace, without having to bear the intense heat that often plagues the city in high season. Find your local favourite restaurant where you would like to come again and again, to enjoy a good meal, an espresso and watch the world around move. The mild winter temperatures allow many pleasant walks everywhere in Rome"s magnificent streets and narrow alleys, and already in March you slowly start to feel that the sun is getting there... Rome is simply stunning year round. >>> Find hotels and holiday apartments in Rome Long-term holiday in Sicily Here is the season of sun and heat much longer than in northern and central part of Italy. The fertile land is covered with spring flowers in February and with a little luck you can swim in the sea well into November. A long vacation at the beach is possible in Sicily a large part of the year. Moreover you can just enjoy the possibility having lunch outdoors on restaurant terraces almost all year round. Additional Sicily facilitates a beautiful and mountainous scenery with many small, hidden beaches on the South coast, as well as a rich and dramatic history. This is evidenced by the many Greek temples, palaces from the Baroque and Norman churches that adorn the island. Mount Etna, which is still active, is of course very interesting to visit, but you get plenty of time on your long holiday in Sicily. >>> Find hotels, holiday homes, holiday homes and villas in Sicily here Long Holiday in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast On top of the cliffs, only 25 kilometers from the fascinating ruined city of Pompeii, Sorrento lies and lures with its cozy, old town center and its indescribably beautiful panoramic views. The location in the South means the climate is mild and pleasant most of the year, what sun-thirsty travellers from northern Europe have known for the last 200 years. Do you plan a long-term travel to Sorrento outside the main season? Than, you will follow in the footsteps of many writers and artists who could not escape from this picturesque place. The Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen wrote "Peer Gynt" in Sorrento and how inspired he was by great art of the surroundings. If not now, you will understand him if you choose Sorrento as the place for your long holiday. Although the town these days is focused on and live by receiving holiday guests, it has retained it"s southern Italian charm. Here you will enjoy a wonderfully relaxing holiday out of season, and Sorrento is absolutely ideal as a base for exploring the Amalfi Coast, the bustling metropolis of Naples Mount Vesuvius and of Naples islands, for example Capri . It is also easy to find restaurants with tasty food at very reasonable prices in Sorrento. >>> Find hotels, holiday homes, holiday homes and apartments on the Amalfi Coast here >>> Find hotels, holiday homes, holiday homes and villas in Sorrento

Benefits of long travels in Italy in spring, autumn and winter

Shorter queues at museums and sights
There is much positive to say about traveling in the periods when the amount of travellers on the popular destinations is considerably less than in June, July and August. The months usually referred to as the high season. For example, you will find that it is easier to get around to the famous museums and at major attractions. You will experience more quiet and silent moments, you may find that local, for example, museum employees, will have more time to guide you and increase your understanding and appreciation of the art or the historical monuments, you are looking at .

You can participate in exciting local festivals, located at odd times of the year
When traveling out of season, you will also have much better chances to be able to participate in small, local festivals. This could be Naples" annual film festival in autumn or its annual carnival in the winter. It could also be Rome"s jazz festival in October or how it sounds to come up with the almond blossom festival in Sicily in February?

Check local conditions before ordering your long holiday out of season
Are you on long-term holidays in low season or the outer edges of the high season, you obviously first realise how seasons are distributed in the place you want to go. For example, there are villages in northern Italy where high season is in winter as these are largely as skiing destinations.

In Rome, we recommend to take into account the Easter holidays, as this is a short high season by itself, beyond the summer high season. Therefore, it is not exactly in the Easter week, you can expect good prices or expect that there are no long queues for the sights. Just a few days after Easter week, the city is, however, quite different; still bursting with life and always a big draw for travelers, but not as overrun by pilgrims and ordinary inquisitive travelers.

With In-Italia you have many opportunities to get long-term vacation and to travel outside the peak season. Just as you have ample opportunity for the best of everything: the combination of these two.

You can prior to, or during your trip make use of our well-known local employees" expertise to get the best out of your holiday in Italy.

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