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At In-Italia we travel to and throughout Italy and stay in many categories hotels and houses. We have a huge selection of hotels, villas and holiday homes. Even for those who think that only the best is good enough.

Exclusive and luxury Travel is about getting your wish fulfilled

The word "luxury and exclusivity" is used for more and more things. Everything from coffee to washing powder, is being marketed as some sort of luxury. In other words, the concept starts to be a bit worn out. It does'nt say that it has lost its meaning, and when you book an exclusive or luxurious hotel, it is important that your expectations are met.

At In-Italia we are not part of the trend where the luxury concept is watered down more and more. On the contrary, the more experience we get with hotels, the more will it take to impress us. So you can be confident that we are inside of it, when we promise you a holiday location that adheres to the exclusive.
When you pay good money for a nice hotel stay as you want a high standard, we must of course fulfill your wish. Our long experience of satisfied customers shows that we are capable of.

The details make it luxury

What characterizes an exclusive hotel is obviously a high level of service. It is also essential that the hotel has a large number of facilities available to you as a holiday guest, and these facilities rise above the average level. It may be, for example spa and wellness facilities, fitness center, one or more pools with a splendid view, a beautiful, lush garden, a large balcony or terrace for each room. The latter also preferably with picturesque views of the ocean or a beautiful landscapes. Most hotels in a higher class have at least one really good and pleasant restaurant, where the chefs are ready to caress your palate with their well-prepared dishes.
However, it is often more than anything else, the little things that characterize a hotel of high standard. After leveling off in your room upon arrival, it is little things what gives your holiday an extra touch: Tasteful details in the room design, a pair of soft slippers, where you can slip your feet in the morning, extra large very soft towels, a bath, a large selection of cool drinks in the minibar, tasty, fresh fruit from the breakfast buffet the next morning and a competent, warm and smiling staff,  just there to give you that extra litle thing you might need for breakfast. 

Large, spacious rooms or apartments with stylish decor, comfortable beds, high-quality, ensuring a wonderful sleep all night long, a nice bathroom, where nothing is missing, room service and an attractive location, centrally in a big city, the beach or surrounded by mountains are also in many cases a concept of a luxury holiday.
Below we highlight a few of the excellent hotels we work with who are particularly specialized in satisfying the discerning holidaymaker. Contact us if we are to help you tailor an exclusive holiday for you or your family. 

Masseria Cervarolo in Apulia

Here in sunny, exotic southern Italy is hiding one of the best hotels we know. Just six kilometers from the medieval city of Ostuni, Masseria Cervarolo is located amidst the lush, rural idyllic landscape. The hotel was originally a farm, which by itself is worth the whole trip, considering the rustic beauty that characterizes the unique buildings both inside and out. The rooms are comfortable and well-located, almost cave-like with their white-painted stone walls. The swimming pool is deeply impressive, for the entire 600 square meters. Here there is no need miss your daily exercise or just cool off in the water and enjoy life. The hotel also has a children"s pool and restaurant.

Relais Villa D"Assio in Lazio

Just 100 kilometers from Rome you will find this jewel of a beautiful resort. Fantastic beautifully situated in a verdant, hilly landscape beckons Relais Villa D"Assio. With her huge outdoor swimming pool, you can relax while you breath in the picturesque surroundings. A jacuzzi, massage and an enlightened nature trail to the nearby Santa Susanna river is also on the menu at this very special hotel. The hotel restaurant pampers you with excellent food that is made from local ingredients. And we did not even mentioned the best: Relais Villa D"Assio offers accommodation in two unique and remote suites. Here you can relax completely and be inspired by the stylish decor, with details from famous Italian designers.

B & B La Respuchina on Lake Como

The spectacularly beautiful Lake Como itself has a reputation as an exclusive destination. Certainly nature"s beauty rises far above what one may find in most places.

Bed and Breakfasts"s often offers a charming, yet simple way to spend your holiday. Most probably many would probably not associate a Bed and Breakfast with the concept of luxury. B & B La Respuchina, far away from mass tourism, however, offers something out of the ordinary. The place has character and personality, and the view of the lake and mountains from your balcony must be highlighted as something that by itself will make your vacation here unforgettable and make you want to come again. Relax in the family-run hotels cozy garden and enjoy the delicious breakfast from your balcony. A perfect retreat for couples seeking a romantic get-away

Residence Borgo Degli Ulivi in Sardinia

Of course we can not present a more exclusive holiday without mentioning a great place near the beach. The wonderfully decorated and child-friendly Residence Borgo Degli Ulivi is just a kilometer from one of Sardinia's fine, white sand beaches. When you are tired of lying on the beach, you can change your activity with a swim in the pool, which is surrounded by exotic flora as banana trees and rosemary bushes. The attractive pool area also features a children"s pool on the entire 45 square meters where children can really play freely. As well on the playground. You have the option between 2- and 3-bedroom apartments of various standards, with private terrace or garden. A great place for vacation with your children.

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