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Grottammare is located north of the river Tesino and has evolved along the coast over the last decades. Today Grottammare excels with its beautiful promenade and swaying palm trees. The beach is wide and has a shallow shoreline. It should be noted that urban trains run past the coast, and therefore can be heard from the beach and from the accommodation that is situated close to the beach.

The town's population has grown significantly in recent decades and the town's development is far from finished. Today there are approx. 15,000 residents and many thousands that add to this during the summer months. In addition to the train station, you will find plenty of great dining options including many fish restaurants and also shops ranging from large to small.

Festivities worth mentioning included the July 1st religious celebration, but only if it falls on a Sunday. The festival commemorates 1st July 1175 when Pope Alexander III visited the town and was so impressed by the welcome that he received, he ordered a celebration every July 1st thereafter if it fell on a Sunday.

A festival is also held on 11th November which is called Morten's Day. The celebration has ancient roots that stem from a society based on agriculture. Today the mood is more popular and the whole town is being overrun by street vendors offering both crafts and the latest technological inventions from China.

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