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Cosy resort

Montecarotto is a small, cozy town with about 2,000 inhabitants, located in le Marches characteristic green hills, between the valleys of Esino and Misa.


At a short distance from town, there are more sights and attractions such as the sandy beach at Senigallia or check out the picturesque coastline with rugged cliffs and lagoons around Monte Conero. Both beaches are found within a radius of 35 kilometers.

Wines and exquisite Ostel

From the city walls you can have a view over the whole province of Ancona and in the back, the Apennines. The town and surrounding area is particularly known for its production of the lovely white wine Verdicchio, though here they also produced exquisite cheeses, sausages and ham.

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Italian spheres

The town is steeped in authentic Italian atmosphere, but does not offer major possiblities for development. In town you find a few restaurants, if you are willing to explore a bit more at the outskirts, you will find many more and really good restaurants. Marche is known for its glorious kitchen, both for meat and fish.

A little bit further down, the glorious Renaissance city Urbino is found, with its world famous Palazzo Ducale. Just at 60 km from Montecarotto.

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