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Impressive nature

The nature in the park is impressive. It houses beautiful limestone gorges, deep canyons, large plateaus, beech forest and in the middle of this wonderful nature you find the well-preserved medieval towns such Arquata del Tronto and Montemonaco.

Monti Sibillini National Park was established in 1993 (with over 70,000 ha), with the aim to safeguard the environment, promote a social and economic sustainable development, and favor the creation of a "Park for everyone". The Wolf, the Golden Eagle, the Peregrine, and a number of endemic species are the most evident elements of a biological richness.
The National Park offers many diverse outdoor experiences, including a visit to Pilato Lake and Hell Gap.

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Il Lago di Pilato

The lake is situated at an altitude of 1941 meter, and the only natural lake in the Marche. The lake dates back from the Ice Age, created by glaciers that reshaped the current existing valleys. The lake is located on the Monte Vettore, one of the highest mountains in the area. Due to the lake's high altitude one often sees snow right up until August. The lake is characterized by its bright turquoise color and its beautiful and dramatic natural surroundings. The lake accommodates a special endemic specie, the so-called 'Chirocefalo part Marchesoni'; a shrimp-like little guy who only lives in this lake.

A visit to Il Lago di Pilato involves a physical shape, as the road up there is steep and long. There are various marked routes up there, depending on where you start your hike. In return when you arrive at your goal, you will feel that the effort was worth it. It is really overwhelmingly beautiful.

Note: Remember, even if you take a trip/hike to the lake in the very hottest months, to bring a warm sweater. The temperature drops dramatically when you get up at these altitudes. And remember, of course, a large water tank for the trip.

Gola dell'Infernaccio:

Gola dell'Infernaccio or 'Hell gap' is surrounded with loads of mystery and myths. The gorge is located between Monte Sibilla and Monte Priora, and is created by the river Tenna.

The narrow gap is characterized by its vertical walls. In the gorge there is a rich vegetation, among other things, it includes mosses, lichens, fungi and stemmed trees. You get to the Gola dell'Infernaccio from the parking Piasciarelle, at the entrance to the gorge.

It takes about 3 hours to go through the gorge. The road goes through varies in size along the way; sometimes it gets very narrow.

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