Multiple generations holiday to Italy

Multiple generations holiday to Italy
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Wouln't it be an opportunity to give something on, and to do something for your nearest, while you can enjoy life to the fullest? At in-italia we are in no doubt that Italy is a perfect destination when the whole family is going on holiday together.

Not only do we focus on the traditional family holiday with father, mother and children - though, a holiday where the entire family is together and can concentrate on each other's company. This is the Italian mind of travel, we are very pleased to be of any assistance 

A Holiday with space for the whole family 

Underneath we highlight four of the outstanding places we work with here at In-Italia. These are particularly suitable for generation travel. But do not worry: We have many, many more and Italy excels in this area. For example, the loads of holiday villas where you can find ample space for the whole family.

Contact us if we can help you planning your holiday in Italy in family-friendly surroundings, where there is something to do for the young and the young at heart.

Hotel Sovestro

Hotel Sovestro in Tuscany a lovely small sized hotel in the beautiful medieval town of San Gimignano, the latter is famous for its towers. The hotels restaurant "Da Pode" is more than excellent. The little gem they have here makes your dinner taste better than in most other restaurants around Tuscany. The hotel"s rooms are spacious with private balcony or terrace, and the kids will, with no doubt be happy, romping at the children"s pool. Adults can enjoy the tranquil surroundings or just relax at the pool area.

Villa Sciare Modo

Villa Sciare Modo in Sicily. A family run holiday villa on the lush soil of Etna. A great place to celebrate a holiday, located between the volcano and the sea. The great view on the Etna makes your trip to Villa Sciare Modo an unforgettable experience. The closed environment around the villa offers a whole experience by itself. The garden comes with lemon trees, olive trees and a vegetable garden. The spacious apartments have their own kitchen, and you will love to relax at the pool. Spring comes early to the southerly Sicily, so here is solar-season longer than in the rest of Italy.

Villa Martina Lucignano

Villa Martina Lucignano in eastern Tuscany. Space and privacy is often the password when three generations must travel together. In Villa Martina, you find it in abundance, close to the delightful medieval town Lucignano. The villa takes up to 18 people, and if you are with more, it is possible to rent the neighboring villa. The villa is facilitated with a fireplace, kitchen and bathrooms with both bath as shower. The large pool in the lush garden is perfect for the relaxation for all generations.

Podere La Pieve Vecchia

Podere La Pieve Vecchia at the sandy beaches of Tuscany. A Farm holiday by the sea in sumptuous surroundings. Here you can enjoy the food in a good restaurant on-site, serving a mix of dishes with meat and fish. The apartments are well furnished and there are pools for both children and adults. In addition, you can grill on the bbq and rent mountain bikes or bikes to explore the landscape around you.

Generation Travel is becoming more and more popular these years

It is the connection with the family bonds what makes more people realize the importance of quality relations across the generations.

Perhaps you are a grandparent and often find it a bit of a logistical challenge to fit time with the grandkids. Both as they have a lot of things they need to look after in their everyday lives, and because  you live an active life yourself. When traveling, you can take your time to really get to know each other in new ways. Organising the holidays with the whole family together is an investment in time, experiences and a feeling of togetherness that very few regrets.

Invite the whole family on a trip to Italy to celebrate your anniversaries!

Perhaps you face the challenge to celebrate that big event like a birthday, or a silver or golden wedding, and you would like to make it something special of it. A celebration with the entire family, as they look back with pleasure for the years to come.


Holiday with children's pool, your own kitchen  and permission to play loudly

When you need to book your trip for three generations, there are of course many things that need to go up to a higher level. The destination must be suitable for both children and adults and kids require plenty of space to romp together. Preferably there should be an interesting city/town or a scenic site nearby. The opportunity to visit a museum, café, theater is an advantage When the grandchildren are teenagers already, they will experience great appreciatioin in being able to hang out on the beach or by the pool for hours every day.

When the kids are still small, so it is important to stay in child-friendly environment without too many steep plateaus.  A children's pool can also be good to have when the little ones need to entertain themselves. When traveling with so many together, it is often convenient if you have a kitchen or a restaurant at the resort where you stay. It offers flexibility and the opportunity to dine in a casual setting.

In-Italia has many properties that meet the above stated requirements, either all of them or some of them. Look at our program and suggestions and you can start dreaming yourself away, to Italy with the children and grandchildren...

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