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Very few tourists make their way to Acqui Terme, and most of the ones who do so are Italians. This means that here you can enjoy a beautiful, medium-sized town in Piedmont without meeting too many of one’s fellow countrymen. Plus Acqui Terme has a lot to offer the visitor.

The town is well located for many things: only 150 km to Milan, 60 km to the beach in Liguria and 55 km to Alba, the capital of the big Piedmontese wines. Acqui Terme is a traditional spa town with several hot springs. In the middle of one of the town’s squares, one of these springs ejects sulphurous water of 75 degrees.

As the waters are reputed to have a healthy effect, the locals can always be found standing around the spring drinking, inhaling the fumes or bottling the healthy drops. It tastes foul, but they enjoy it nonetheless.

The town is very pretty with lots of restaurants, cafes, several good wine bars and magnificent buildings. The period around the turn of the 20th century has especially contributed with its unique and fine architecture. With its relaxed atmosphere Acqui Terme is definitely a place where it is easy to enjoy life

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