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Corte Albertina in Pollenzo
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Find a town with much history

Here you will find a charming town with ancient origins that was founded by monks in and around a monastery. From there it grew and was later merged with the nearby town of Pollenza, which is now part of Bra. It is located about 50 km south of Turin and has about 30,000 residents. The town of Bra is best known as the birthplace of the Slow Food movement - more about that later.

See many monuments in Baroque Bra

You will find many historic monuments and buildings in Bra which make it a notable Piedmontese Baroque city. There is among many other things, the church of Santa Chiara that dates from 1742. The central square known as 'della Rocca' was once the marketplace but today is dedicated to those who fought for liberation. Wander from the square to the church of St. Trinita, Palazzo Rosso and finally the church of Santa Maria Degli Angeli. Take a stroll to the top of the hill and you will find the Zizzola park and the octagonal building which is bra's symbol.

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Celebrate slow food in Bra

This international movement was founded in Bra in 1986 by Carlo Petrini, and in 1989 it became an international association. The headquarters are still in Bra today, and the movement's objective is about understanding the food we eat, where it comes from, the value of using fresh and local ingredients, and avoiding fast food of course. It is also preoccupied with protecting animals at risk of extinction. Various events are held which promote these values and there is even a gastronomic University in Pollenzo - Università degli Studi di Scienze gastronomiche - which the slow food movement sponsors. Approximately 40,000 people are currently involved in Slow Food in Italy and about 80,000 people worldwide in 130 countries.

Travel around the Lange Wine District

These slow food movement values are very much prevalent throughout the Langhe Wine District. From here you can easily visit La Morra, the historic hilltop town known for its Barolo wine and where there are many charming choices of hotel and apartments, and where you can find many wonderful eateries. The actual town of Barolo is just 12 km away, and we also recommend a trip to Alba, the centre of the Langhe Wine District approx. 15 km away.

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