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Nice apartment and great location.

A lovely apartment with a nice garden. Well equipped for simple meals. Lack of venting at the bathroom. Very nice location next to Torino and a lot of option to find some nice places to eat.

The pool-area is small and boring. Compared to the number of apartments, there is a lack of sunbeds.
The pool is quite nice to just take a plunge, but not for sunbathing all day long.

The breakfast is served on a tray that you prepare yourself and there is plenty of food. Remember that eight o'clock can easily turn to nine o'clock - so if you have to go somewhere, just be aware of that.

Torino as a holiday destination

Torino is a lovely city and easy to explore as a tourist. The canal boat-trip was not exciting, just more relaxed. Very cosy food market that need to be experienced

Le Serre Suites & Apartments
Clean and tidy
The actual accommodation at Residence Le Serre
Apartment Piccolo - sleeps 2 + 1
Facilities on site
Internet access / Wi-Fi
Swimming pool (can be open in season only)

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Travel period August 2016
Number of travellers 2 adults
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