Recipe for Limoncello


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Limoncello is a lovely lemon liqueur that originates from the Amalfi Coast south of Naples. It should be enjoyed directly from the freezer in a small glass - but can also be used in desserts.

Many of you have probably bought Limoncello home from Italy during your holidays, but you can make it yourself fairly easily, just as the Italians have done over the years.

h3> Ingredients

1 litre of pure alcohol / or neutral tasting snaps
1 ½ litres of water
1 kg sugar
The peel of 8 untreated lemons

Remove the peel from the lemons (without the white part) and soak the peels in alcohol for 4 weeks.

Drain and sieve the peel from the alcohol, then boil the sugar and water to make a syrup and pour it into the sieved alcohol. Let it cool, and then bottle it and store it in the freezer.

And that is it, the Limoncello is now complete!

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