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We at In-Italia are certainly not professional food critics. We do not even have a degree in gastronomy, but we are very fond of food, wine and Italy (not that there's anything wrong with beer or other parts of the world). Every time we travel around Italy for work or on our private holidays, we often eat in restaurants, trattorias, osterias, and whatever else the eateries are called. Every time we make a note of our impression, price level, quality and it may come with a few anecdotes. And so, we write it all on the website, so that our guests can share the fun with us.

t is not certain that you will agree with us. It happens also that the chef or the owners themselves have changed over the time. The place still using the same name, while the price, quality and style changed. Hopefully our opinion and impression still helps you to find great experiences of the Italian gastronomic universe, in the same way as our perception and description of accommodations, to make sure you find the right place to stay. If you like us appreciating the food and wine that the locals produce and prepare, we welcome your contributions using the same model. Let us know, why exactly this or that restaurant deserves more visits, what you eat, what style restaurant and do you perceive it as value for money. All sort of comments that you would like to know when choosing a place.


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