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The "Isola dell'Asinara" is located in the north east of Sardinia. The name derives from the name "asino" (donkey), because on the island lives a unique type of white donkeys (albino breed). The island is now entirely (almost) uninhabited.

Until 1885, the island only inhabited by fishermen and shepherds. In 1885, the Italian Government has decided to build a prison on the island,. All islanders were forced to leave the island and move to Stintino. Stintino is the island opposite of Asinara.

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Among the prisoners were many famous prisoners, some members of the Red Brigades and several maffia bosses and even Toto Riina was locked up here. After the prison In 1999, finally closed ts doors, the island was declared a national park. In 2000, the island was officially open to the public, after 115 years of isolation. Now you can reach the island by boat from Porto Torres and Stintino. In summer it is also possible from Castelsardo.

If you are planning your vacation on the west coast, then we strongly recommend a trip to the island. The island, due to its long isolation, has maintained all its natural beauty. The beaches are absolutely fascinating, the color of the sea even more blue than in the Caribbean. You will become aware aware that the island has not suffered from the influences of the outside world.


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