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The city belongs to the Barbagia area and has approx. 3700 inhabitants who are particularly involved in agriculture and crafts.

The residents live off agriculture and cattle breeding

The town is like an amphitheatre, which revolves around the oldest part of the traditional stone houses at the Church of San Giorgio. The town centre is still quite active with a small production of quality goods. It produces among other things a local version of Sardinia's dry bread carasatu, good sausages and the inevitable pecorino cheese .

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Up in the mountains but close to shore

The name Bitti comes from a local story about a hunter who caught a deer which is 'Bitta' in the local dialect, as it drank water at a water source. The source called Su Cantaru and is located in the historic town centre. The town doesn't have any magnificent sites as such that attract tour buses and hordes of tourists, making it possible to experience the real Sardinian hospitality.

Village festivals all year round

The local identity is expressed in several traditional events throughout the year :
- 16th January is the St. Anthon campfire
- 23rd April sees the celebration of the town's patron saint St . Georg
- Good Friday will be held at S'iscravamentu and S'incontru on Easter Sunday
- The third Sunday in May celebrates Our Lady
- 30th September sees another town festival to celebrate Our Lady's miracles.
The religious purpose is usually just an excuse to celebrate the agricultural harvest. The streets are full of vendors and the locals see it as a good excuse for social interaction.

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