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Sardinia is the Mediterranean"s second largest island, after Sicily , and has at least as much to offer. Guests come here mainly for the incredibly beautiful beaches that rank as some of Europe"s best, and the dramatic landscape with its many mountains. Book your next trip to Sardinia by searching among the remaining places. For more information in the search box above.

Once you've found your legitimation for your travels, you can look forward to experience an island that is both a little slice of Italy, but also by its own. Here you have the ideal conditions to spice up a beach holiday with exciting excursions to unique natural and historical attractions.

Exiting beach holiday in Sardinia

When you are pleased with the fine sand between your toes and looking over the azure sea, it is easy to feel like you are to a Caribbean island. Better beaches are hard to find in any place in the Mediterranean, and they are also undoubtedly Sardinia's main attraction. But you can detach yourself from the relaxing beach life, the rest of the island also has many unique holiday attractions.
It offers a great opportunity to go on excursions in the wild, to hike in untouched nature and visit places where the traces of the island's turbulent history is still evident.

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Step back in time

Although numerous peoples throughout history have marked their trails around the island, particularly the enigmatic towers called nuraghi remarkable.

There are about 7,000 of these cone-shaped towers, nuraghi , left from the island"s Bronze Age culture that we do not know much about. Inland of Barumini, you can see one of the largest complexes: Nuraghe su Nuraxi.

However, Sardinia does not only represents cultural history, some of the island"s most popular sights are underground! A visit to one of the island"s most famous cave systems, at Neptunus caves ( Grotte di Nettuno ), is a chance to experience the wonders of nature itself and can be created within a few million years.

Do you like more underground experiences? You could visit Grotta di Inspinigoli on the opposite side of the island by Dorgali. Here you have the opportunity to see stalactites, which are among the longest in the world.

Sardinia for bon vivants

After an eventful day on tour or on the beach, there is plenty of opportunities to gather new energy at numerous good restaurants. Try the locally known "Porgeddu" and we are sure your sense of taste is triggered.

Nowadays, it seems obvious that you are on an island, like Sardinia you often find delicious dishes with seafood. Explore the traditional cuisine and you will discover that fish does not play a major role. Because of the many invasions by foreign powers through time, the local population settled in the island"s mountainous interior. The old, traditional cuisine of Sardinia, you can still get served, is more influenced by raw materials from land than from water. Although fresh fish in recent times again found their way to the menu, today here on the beautiful Mediterranean island you will be served some of the best lamb in all of Italy.

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