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Most popular cities in Ogliastra

All cities in Ogliastra

Amid Ogliastra, you will find the elegant small town of Lanusei which together with Tortoli is one of the main towns in the area.

View from the hill

Lanusei is located in approximately 600 metres altitude, and precisely because of its high altitude, the temperature in summer very pleasant. From here you can reach the Gennargentu mountains with a short drive, where the landscape is dominated by lakes, rivers and beautiful grottoes and caves. You can also choose to visit the area with Il trenino Verde (the green train) which runs to Mandax inland and Arbatax on the island's east coast. It's a long trip of 160 km each way.

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Enjoy the harbour at Toroli

Tortoli is a lively and modern town with both a historic centre and a new town where you can explore the shops, find many restaurants and discover the past. Wander in the harbour of Arbatax and spend days on the long sandy beaches with an azure sea and scenic reddish cliffs. Here you can find the Lido di Orri approx. 2km south of the town with sun loungers and parasols for rent.

Head up the mountain

The town of Jerzu is a panoramic terrace that lies at an altitude of 422 masl and the view is really wonderful. The town has a rich history with Roman remains found in its nuraghi (towers) and the famous domus de janas (a form of burial site). Agriculture is the main source of work and income here, and it is in Jerzu where the rich wine Connonau is produced. Come here on the first Sunday in August and you can experience the wine festival which is accompanied by many stalls selling wine and some of the regional food specialities.

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