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The village of Oliena is nestled in the heart of Sardinia, near the sanctuary of Gennargentu. The countryside is covered with olive groves, vineyards and almond trees. It is here that the famous potent red wines Cannonau and Nepente are produced. The town has 7000 inhabitants, who live mainly on agriculture and sheep farming both for the use of the meat and for the production of the tasty pecorino cheese. The surrounding area boasts several Nuraghe , megalithic ruins of the ancient civilization in Sardinia. In Dorgali municipality you will find - after a few hours of walking in the mountains - Tiscali Nuraghe , which was found at the end of the 1800s. This ancient city dates from the period between the 6th and 4th Century BC and is still in good condition. Another chance to see a nice Nuraghe is if you head towards Abbasanta - approx. one hour away. The beautiful countryside around the town offers ample opportunity for excursions on Corrasi Mountain, where you can see eagles and wild boar, and when you can reach Pardu plateau, from where you see the whole landscape Supramonte around you. One should also not forget the close connection to eastern Sardinia, and from here you can easily get to Cala Gonones spectacular beaches with the stunning cliffs that characterize the coastline.

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