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Aci Trezza was under control of the Riggio family from mid 17th Century to the fall of feudalism in Sicily in 1812. It was Stefano Riggio who officially founded the city during the 17th Century along with other nearby towns.

Aci Trezza is popular seaside resort for Catania residents who come here during the warm months to swim and sunbathe. The area offers many restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues, but Aci Trezza is primarily known for the beautiful farraglioni - a dramatic rock formation located in the sea off the coast and which according to legend, the horrid Cyclops Polyphemus had thrown them at Odysseus.

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It is a place well known for its dramatic coastline and fishing is popular in the harbour. During the 1940's the film "La Terra Trema" (earth quakes) by Visconti and Pietrangeli was filmed here. There is a small museum with artefacts from the film in the town.

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